Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A convenient way to transfer RDO and update status in BIR

One thing I didn't expect after getting married would be the hassle of updating all my legal documents -- SSS, Philhealth, & BIR, among others. If you are a guy, good for you because you only need to update your civil status. If you're a woman like me, these agencies also need to know your new name, not to mention your new signature, if any. Good thing the company where I'm currently connected with is able to handle updating which means I don't have to go to those government offices personally. It was all good when I realized that I have not yet transferred my RDO since my very first job (current is the 3rd) and this process is the one thing that employees are supposed to do on their own.

RDO stands for Revenue District Office. In BIR's official website, you'll learn about its functions and can even search for your own RDO (in case you forget). If you are suffering from self-diagnosed memory loss like me and couldn't remember your RDO at all, you can dial their customer service hotline 981-8888. Below are forms necessary for filing transfer of RDO and civil status update. You can either download them online or get them from your company representative handling government remittances.

easiest way to transfer RDO, BIR update status
Form 1905 for transferring RDO and other forms of updating registration information

how to transfer RDO
Form 2305 for updating civil status & filing for exemption

Due to lack of time (and motivation) to visit my original RDO for the past three years, I am faced with this situation right now. Hey, don't give me that look. I know it's important, but there's a lot more urgent things to take care of than filing a leave from work and paying RDO 050 in Makati Ave a visit. I am currently working in Ortigas and our company representative will not be able to update my status being that my file is not registered in the current company's RDO (43A for East Pasig).

Anyway, to cut the long story short. Given that this has just become a situation more dire than it already was and I still couldn't accept the fact that I'll be braving the Makati traffic just for this, the resourceful and desperate little grown up woman in me started Googling and dialling BIR numbers and.. guess what? I learned that transferring from one RDO to another can be done via FAX now. Praise the Lord! But why did I learn this just now? Poor hubby of mine had to go at RDO 040 in Quezon Ave just to update his status and transfer. Oh well, some people just had to go through those things. Lol 

Something note-worthy though is that not all RDOs accept faxed copy of Form 1905. Some would require that you go to their branch and file it personally. To be on the safe side, call your RDO first. You would have to get from them the fax number anyway. Hope your RDO is as considerate as mine :) I have sent them my filled out form last week and was advised that I call my new RDO after 5-6 business days to confirm if transfer was successful.

Happy filing fellow newlyweds! Or new hires! :)

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  1. this is very helpful. thank you. :)

  2. this is really helpful. btw.. my prev RDO was 040 and will be transferring to 050,, do you happen to keep the fax number? thanks! :) - xazel

  3. This is very helpful :) thank you :)

  4. hi tanong ko lang po nung sinend mo na sa old rdo mo yung papers mo after ba nun binalik nila sayo yung papers mo with stamp? salamat

  5. Fax Receipt should be submitted to your employer.

  6. D KO PO ALAM PO KUNG SANG RDO AKO.IPINAKIUSAP KO LANG PO KC NA IKUHA ako ng tin no.paano ko po malalaman kung saan ako kukuha ng 1905 form para maitransfer po sa STA.MARIA, BULACAN BRANCH. NEED KO LANG PO FOR EMPLOYMENT.

  7. I'll try this one. Thanks for the info. :)

  8. we have the same RDO (rdo 050) , do you mind sharing their fax number? thanks

  9. Hi. Thanks for the post. Just want to ask, what exactly did you tell your previous RDO office when you called them? Did you just go "hey, form 1905 coming your way!", dropped the line, then faxed it? :) Were you required to give some additional info/something?

    1. Hahaha not exactly. Call your old RDO and tell them you'd wish to transfer to another RDO and ask if you need to go there personally or you can just file it via fax. Sometimes they will require you to inquire to the RDO where you'll transfer. I was not asked for any other info except for the completely filled-out 1905.


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