Thursday, June 14, 2012

Saved by a Tiara

I'm not the type to win Queen of the Night nor join beauty pageants or even UN parades at the very least; although I was once elected as classroom muse if that's counted. For one, I'm not tall. Okay, fine. I'm short. 5 freakin feet short. And I'm not fair skinned either, and my hair isn't long and straight. In short, I'm nowhere close to what media portrays as beautiful.

Don't get me wrong. I don't despise me because of the genes I inherited. And obviously, I don't have self-esteem issues. Quite frankly, I actually like that I'm shorter than most girls and that I have a glowing bronze skin with freckles to accentuate it. Most of all, I'm in love with my wavy hair -- that's one thing I'll never give.

I made this post mainly to describe how I felt the first time I wore a tiara. I attended this Sparkle-themed event of Sony last May in NBC tent. It was their 10th anniversary with HGS. When I heard of Sparkle, I knew I was in trouble as I don't have anymore glittery dress in the closet aside from the one I wore for the company kick-off party in 2010 which I got from Tomato... and a big NO to the idea of repeating it. Neither is buying a new dress an option as it's out of my budget.
Me, Chantal sporting my 2010 Glitterati dress, and Mo Twister Owel


That's when I agreed to just borrow an officemate's black dress and decided to just pair it with a tiara which I then bought from the Department Store of Robinson's Galleria to make the ensemble matching to the theme. And I was right. Who can go wrong with a little black dress?
I wore my silver stilletos which I brought from Chelsea (SM Megamall) in 2010 for the said Glitterati kick-off party. To complete the garb,  I used the white gold purse which I got from Rob Galleria's 50th Ave for an event we had in Republiq in February of 2011.

ze royalties

I think I was able to pull it off. For the first time, I felt like I was the Queen of the night, or maybe not. Maybe, Princess of the Night would be more appropriate. Thanks to my lovely prince... and to the 239Php worth tiara. 

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Acid Peptic Disease

I was rushed to the ER last May 24 due to a 2-day constipation and an entire night of abdominal pain. I arrived in The Medical City (where CJ Corona was confined, pretty interesting) at around 10am.

Blood tests were done and a heplock was immediately inserted at the back of my palm. I was not able to ask what medicine they used it for. I just heard that that specific drug has to take effect immediately.

heparin lock
I was diagnosed of Acid Peptic Disease. I have a history of hyperacidity; hence, my innate avoidance to caffeine but up to that day, I didn't notice that my old habit of not eating until I'm dying of starvation has returned. I was the queen of binge-eating. I have a very high tolerance to hunger and I make sure that revenge is on its way waiting for me to just have a chance to eat. I didn't realize I still am the same queen until I was brought by my boyfriend to the hospital that day.

Another realization is that I work too hard that it literally makes me skip meals. Strict deadlines and volume deliverables are inevitable but I know I was also at fault by not doing something about eating on time. Boy I lost 7 lbs over the weekend and I already consider myself underweight even before the ER experience. Now my mom prepares me baon to bring to the office. She made sure I have crackers to line my stomach in between the regular meals. I should be back to 98lbs in no time.

Euphoria Spa: 1 star

Have you tried getting a full body massage from a non-air conditioned spa?

I did, last Sunday. Ralph and I bought this Couple Massage package from Groupon. Disclaimer: We are huge in massages just like Rondo is huge in triple doubles. I think that was the 4th spa moment that we got from a group buying site. We got it for 350php which was 75% off its original price. Euphoria Spa is located in West Drive Kapitolyo in Pasig City
. We made the reservation a week ahead and unlike our usual reservation experience, it wasn’t hard to get a schedule with them. I should have gotten a hint from that.

We arrived 30mins earlier than our reservation which was at . The receptionist greeted me with “Ma’am, okay lang po wala kaming aircon ngayon?”

Trust me I didn’t have a choice. Ralph came from a rough basketball game that morning and the least that he could take was for that appointment to be postponed. So I replied“Yes, I don’t think we have a choice” with the most plastic insincere smile I could produce.

Ralph, being the athletic type that he is, literally just endured the entire session. An electric fan was positioned between the ends of our mattresses. When the entire hour of massage has passed, he said it wasn’t anywhere close to relaxing. He couldn’t even fall asleep because of the heat. What’s interesting, however, is that I enjoyed it. It was nowhere close to the heat I feel in the gym sauna, neither that in the sports park when we jog in the morning. Yes, it wasn’t refreshing or cold but for me it wasn’t hot either. I mean, the fan was almost blowing the towel covering my body and I think that’s enough air that I need to enjoy the massage.

It’s a shame though because I liked the service. I always ask for a soft pressure massage and boy the masseuse knows how to make me sleep. I could’ve given this spa 4 stars if not for the AC.

Recommended? Of course not. So the next time you avail promos like that, you might want to double check even the most basic thing that a health and wellness business should have... like protective eyewear for clinics that offer laser hair removal services. (now that's another story)

Next spa appointment is with Nuat Thai. Anyone who has experienced getting a massage here?


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