Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gossip Girl Fan Fiction

I totally forgot that I used to be a hard-core GG fan until I received an email notification that someone reviewed a fan fiction I did in 2010. I didn't know I actually did write real stuff. I mean, we're talking about short story that was based from a TVseries I was so addicted to watch years back. I know it's originally a book but I never really get the chance to read one so I practically based everything from the actors and the scenes.

I've outgrown the fandom of this series like a child who has outgrown sucking the juice of santan flowers in the school backyard. I was aware it was just a phase. I joined forums; even gained friends. Some of the best people I met through the fandom were Lucy from Salt Lake City, Alex from Australia, and Courtney from Alaska. We literally talked over the forums and even email everyday. We discussed and talk about our personal life on the side. I was THAT crazy. If you're gonna ask me, I still consider them friends. Ugh! Those days.

Anyway, I'm making this entry because I mainly just want to share to everyone the 2 short fictions I did for Gossip Girl. No, I was never a Chuck and Blair person. Not happening if that's your wish. I'm shipping for a far greater couple - - Serena (Blake Lively) and Chuck (Ed Westwick).

Some people might find this interesting as well so I thought I'd share.

The Stepbrother

Sorrow, Silence & Solace

Please let me know what you think and I would love you forever!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ciudad Christia Resort (9 waves)

My very first wave pool experience took place here. I was invited by my boyfriend's family and that's where we spent this year's Easter Sunday. It's a good 30 minutes away from Marikina where bf resides.

Shame that I don't have our pictures yet. Maybe I'll just paste them here once available. Anyway, you guys can always take a look at their website to know more about the resort.

As for me, I was just overwhelmed by how crazy an overnight stay in this resort can be. Maybe it's because of the people I was with? Or it's really the place that struck me? Not sure.

For starters, I found the place quite overpriced. We got a Family Sharing Cabana which was good for 6 although we're a group of 8. We got it for 5350Php for a night. Extra charge was billed for the excess heads which was 650Php per person. Quite pricey for a resort with only a wave pool for the main attraction. The room was great though. There were 2 double beds and a double deck. My boyfriend and I stayed on the 2nd level of the deck which wasn't a good choice, really, because it's almost on the same level as the AC and which was why we were freezing the entire night. The room, in general, was very clean except for the shower drain which tends to clog when you turn the shower to its max. There was a really cute (I mean, 14in small) TV attached on the wall very near the 2nd level of the double deck. The cabanas, which from outside look like indentical bungalows from outside, have 1 parking slot each.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012


People in the office are panicky on what to eat this Holy Week. The no-meat thing, if you know what I mean. And I totally get it. That culture has been existing even before they were born so I can't blame them if they conform to the belief. I'm not saying that I'm any better but maybe they should also try to understand the meaning of what they do before diving to it with the rest of the world.

While they were panicking over their no-meat-holy-week diet, I'm too consumed thinking of a place to go or an interesting thing to do during the break. We always had to go to work during lent. Only this year that the company decided to include our department to the national holiday. And I wasn't prepared. No place to go and nothing to do! Officemates are going to their provinces while friends are just nowhere to be found. I lost contact to them since I left FB last year. But don't get me wrong, I still have my few real friends if you know what I mean. Maybe I'll make another post on that.

So this predicament made me so whiny in the office. I asked practically everyone to go spend Friday in a resort with me. And that's when my previous boss asked me "Why are you so freaked out that you'll be alone this holy week? Just stay at home. We should be mourning."

Okay so that hit me. MOURNING. Why would I mourn? Who died? Where's the wake? Lol. Sorry, that's sarcastic. On a serious note, her remark made me realize once again how people are chained by traditions and false teachings. And I feel sad about it. Plain sad.

"Mourn for what? This season is supposed to be a time for celebration, not mourning. Christ's death took place 2012 years ago. And now He's alive. This is a season to be thankful about what He did for us and there's a lot of way to express that which doesn't include repeating what He did or hurting ourselves."

And she was just quiet like she didn't hear a thing. Again, I understood. It's so predictable and so us -- human, to pretend we don't hear a thing if it's about a certain truth that doesn't go with our beliefs. Did everyone really miss the resurrection part? He's a living God; no longer dead. Didn't anyone think that it's an insult to God that people today are repeating that one sacred thing that He has already done for us? (Matthew 26:28) Like what He did wasn't enough? And isn't it written that if you want to be forgiven, all you need is simply ask. (Numbers 15:20) No torture necessary.

Points to meditate on, folks!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012


INTRO. I don't exactly know where this blog will go from here. I just know I have so many thoughts pending to be written down, and Tumblr turned its back on me, so I'm opting to make another crib for my stories.

OBJECTIVE. This might be just like any other personal blog I've created in the past but I aim for this to be more than a refuge of my emotions. Rather, I hope I could be more informative as I tell about my journey. I'll try to be wiser in creating my post as I aim for people not just to find my writings interesting but for them to also learn even the minutest of lesson from me.

WORRIES. This might be my 5th blog but this is my real first time to write a sensible first post. Yes dear, THIS is sensible. Haha! At least I'm trying. So I hope people are supportive. Tumblr was easier, you know. As those are pictures. And one liners. It's so easy to fall to that trap of creating a blog out of fragmented thoughts. But how can I learn articulacy if I don't push my limits, right? I mean, my Broca's area is long dead and I wouldn't be able to wake it up if I stop at just looking and reading.

EXPECTATIONS. Nothing much. I'm just here to have fun as always. But this time, just with a little pressure of being more mature, maybe.

Okay enough of this. Nerves are just everywhere. Can't wait to post more and show the world who I am and what I'm consist of --really crazy animal cells. Lol.


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