Thursday, June 20, 2013

An open farewell-letter to my father-in-law

Bringing a handkerchief has never been a habit but logic told me that not bringing one at that particular occasion would be beyond foolish. And I was right. Tear-ducts were generous that morning.

It was a little past 3 in the morning when I was awakened by the sobbing husband. He said he got a text message from the mother saying that anytime then could be the time. After a few comfort words and hugs, we were on our feet preparing to leave. Barely had shower, barely had breakfast.

That was the longest 10 minute-wait before a cab stopped right in front of us. I mean, yes I understand it was barely dawn and the weather is at its best for hugging the pillows and hiding under the covers but aren't cabs supposed to show up fast in dire situations like this? 

We have already hopped inside the cab when Ralph's phone rang. The father had a seizure according to the voice on the other line. WE. MUST. HURRY.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

One-day Cooking 101

I'm so excited because this shall be my first-ever housekeeping entry (I think). It's like posting this confirms the fact that I'm a legit wife now and that the wedding which was almost a month ago actually happened for realsss! 

OK so without further ado, let me present to you One-day Cooking 101. As a wife, a working one at that, one of the challenges I immediately faced and is still facing is time management. People who know me well would understand that I'm not the type to be busy cleaning the room, organizing closets, fixing the bed, doing the laundry, nor attending to dusty curtains and discolored bed sheets. I'm the type to watch endless DVDs, get lost in a book, play games on the phone, cut my hair, or DIY mani & pedi. You can imagine the kind of adjustment I had to go through to shift from that little girl who grew up couch potato-ing to a wife who's very busy and always mobile in the kitchen, the bathroom, and everywhere in the house (naks, as if ang laki ng bahay!) By the grace of God, it's been more than three weeks now since I changed from the lazy boarder at my parents' house to the responsible domestic goddess of our little nest. 3 weeks! And to think I wasn't able to do it a single day before! (Sorry Maaa!)

Anyway, going back to Time Management, it's been really hard you know. The rants on how my sleeping hours had to give way to my wife duties will be saved for another entry but today, I'll be sharing a brilliant technique I learned from an office boss. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Last Friday Night in Cafe Lidia

Last Friday night, I was finally able to bring along ze office mates in my favorite Italian casual diner in Marikina -- Cafe Lidia

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Nachos for appetizer -- 155Php. Although this was just the regular serving, we were able to share it. The bigger version of this, Nachos Grande, costs 285Php and is good for at 5-7 pax (if used as appetizer and not as main dish haha!).

Friday, June 14, 2013

Bag of Beans: A Weekend in Tagaytay

The weekend after our honeymoon in the Northern Philippines, the husband and I were out-of-towners again with our spiritual family this time. The gang celebrated Yam & Ghea's 25th birthday at the latter's Cavite residence which was a 5-minute drive from Tagaytay. Though a lot of things took place during this particular weekend, the best part might have been the afternoon spent in Bag of Beans, the photo blog of which you'll see below.

bag of beans tagaytay

bag of beans tagaytay
What I like most about leaving Manila is the green scenery that never fails to de-stress me.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A convenient way to transfer RDO and update status in BIR

One thing I didn't expect after getting married would be the hassle of updating all my legal documents -- SSS, Philhealth, & BIR, among others. If you are a guy, good for you because you only need to update your civil status. If you're a woman like me, these agencies also need to know your new name, not to mention your new signature, if any. Good thing the company where I'm currently connected with is able to handle updating which means I don't have to go to those government offices personally. It was all good when I realized that I have not yet transferred my RDO since my very first job (current is the 3rd) and this process is the one thing that employees are supposed to do on their own.

RDO stands for Revenue District Office. In BIR's official website, you'll learn about its functions and can even search for your own RDO (in case you forget). If you are suffering from self-diagnosed memory loss like me and couldn't remember your RDO at all, you can dial their customer service hotline 981-8888. Below are forms necessary for filing transfer of RDO and civil status update. You can either download them online or get them from your company representative handling government remittances.

Monday, June 10, 2013

How to wear the wedding band and engagement ring

I have been asked several times on why I wear my engagement and wedding rings the way I do. I realized so many people (mostly women) are confused about this matter and so I am airing my two cents here. Not that my opinion is right. I actually think this is against the popular belief but whatever. I have been asked soooo many times so here it is.

As far as research is concerned, there are no legal rules on how to do it. No right or wrong. But personally, this is how I prefer to wear them.

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Remember that the reason women wear these rings on their left ring finger is because of the belief that there's a vein in this finger directly connected to the heart. For this reason alone, I was convinced

Friday, June 07, 2013

The Ilocos Adventure: Pagudpud (Evangeline Beach Resort)

When I got invited by Ms. Ana of Evangeline Beach Resort a month before my wedding, I just knew it was God's gift of honeymoon for us. Just like the Camayan Resort & Ocean Adventure experience (which was God's valentine's gift), we immediately arranged our schedule for a yet another chance to travel and see the beautiful world created by the Lord.

Pagudpud is a 2-hour bus ride from Laoag. I am not sure if the information is still accurate but when we were in Laoag, we were told there are no air-conditioned buses going to Pagudpud and so the hubby, who happens to be the lesser cowboy between the two of us, had to endure all the warm wind and humidity he's usually annoyed about when travelling exposed. We left Laoag at around 1pm and arrived at 3pm. Never mind the stickiness of our face, the moist skin, and the tangled hair for taking the said bus ride because this was the kind of paradise awaiting us.

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We might have the same question in mind: how did they know we were honeymooners? Lol. I promise I never mentioned a single thing about my wedding to Ms. Ana during our email correspondence so this really came as a wonderful surprise. I still smile each time I remember the very suggestive bed.

Evangeline Beach Resort is just one of the resort chain located in Brgy. Burayoc along the stretch of Saud White Beach Cove in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. It is owned by Ms. Ana while the other resorts

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

The Ilocos Adventure: Laoag

Laoag is roughly a 2-hour trip from Vigan. Could be shorter when your driver is too fast and too furious (ehem...JM) On the way here, we met with our fellow newlyweds Yam (the birthday girl) and JM just along the main highway outside Vigan. Our first stop was the Paoay Church which is part of UNESCO's world heritage list.

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Then we visited the MalacaƱang of the North (aka Marcos's Residence) and Paoay Lake.

The Ilocos Adventure: Vigan

We spent the first leg of our honeymoon in Vigan. We took the 10:00pm Partas trip from Cubao terminal which was P665 per head. We were aiming for the Florida's deluxe bus but when we hit their terminal, tickets were already sold out. We arrived at Vigan at a little shy of 6am the next day. I personally chose Cordillera Inn because of its ideal location which is just along the popular Calle Crisologo at the heart of the Heritage Village.

Being that Vigan is known for its preserved feel of the Spanish era, it was a plus that Cordillera Inn could almost be considered a museum on its own right with all their antic vase, sculptures, and furniture they have. Like staying in a heritage house!

Monday, June 03, 2013

Tasty Treats Candy Buffet

Tasty Treats Candy Buffet was one of, if not the, ultimate crowd favorite in my wedding.

Charles of Tasty Treats blessed our wedding with not only an additional oomph by creating this setup but also a mouth watering surprise for both the kids and the adult guests.

Wedding Suppliers: Review and Rating

Providing a supplier rating has gradually become a post-nuptial responsibility to most couples. Today, I am joining the bandwagon.

affordable wedding, affordable garden wedding venue, 100k wedding budget, christian wedding supplier, cheap wedding supplierCATERER / VENUE: The University Hotel – UP Diliman
Being that this is a budget wedding, I must say I was impressed of how the venue didn't make the event look its cost. I never imagined that garden setting to be so photogenic. I am giving it 4 out of 5 though because of the food. The hotel does not allow caterers from outside and so we had to make do with their Oriental Cuisine. Not that I don't like this specialty, I just hoped that beanthread with ground pork was as savory as it was during the food tasting.


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