Monday, June 10, 2013

How to wear the wedding band and engagement ring

I have been asked several times on why I wear my engagement and wedding rings the way I do. I realized so many people (mostly women) are confused about this matter and so I am airing my two cents here. Not that my opinion is right. I actually think this is against the popular belief but whatever. I have been asked soooo many times so here it is.

As far as research is concerned, there are no legal rules on how to do it. No right or wrong. But personally, this is how I prefer to wear them.

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Remember that the reason women wear these rings on their left ring finger is because of the belief that there's a vein in this finger directly connected to the heart. For this reason alone, I was convinced
I'd wear the wedding band first to make it closer to the heart. I don't wear my engagement ring everyday so it makes full sense that I place it after the wedding band. Being that the wedding band looks less complicated and is not as high maintenance as the engagement ring (which needs cleaning from time to time), it's also convenient that it's positioned in the outer part for easier removal. Also, during the wedding, the engagement ring was worn by the right ring finger to give way to that part where the couple recite their vows and exchange wedding bands. After this, the bride discreetly returns the engagement ring to her left ring finger. Suave move right?

Though the ones mentioned above are my personal preference, I have also read of other rationale that makes sense to me:

- Wedding band closer to the woman's heart, engagement ring closer to the man's to be reminded of the day he decided to ask the woman to marry him
- Engagement ring as protector of the wedding ring symbolizes protecting one's marriage by always going back to the day you decided to be one with the other person

Some reasons women wear it the other way around:

- The engagement ring comes first so it's inside while the wedding is placed after
- The idea that the wedding locks the engagement
- Most engagement rings are more expensive than the wedding ring because of the diamond, and so the latter is used as guard ring for that sparkling rock of the prior

Although hubby did not exactly share to me the value of my engagement ring, I am well aware that it's a lot pricier than our wedding bands. Nonetheless, I still believe the wedding ring is the more important jewel as it symbolizes the covenant I have with God and my husband.

If you notice in the picture, contrary to the popular way of wearing it, hubby has his wedding ring on the right ring finger. He's not comfortable wearing it on his left being that he's right handed and is usually not so mindful of the other hand. So much for rules, I guess.

How about you? How do you wear them?

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  1. I wear my wedding band on my left ring finger. I don't have an engagement one :). I know some women who can't wear their wedding bands anymore because it wont fit, after many years. So wear them as often as possible while it fits you :)

    1. Thanks Claire! Yup, I try to wear it everyday except when doing household chores like washing the dishes. :)

  2. i wear my rings on the left ring finger, first goes the engagement ring then the wedding band, the reason being my engagement ring is a bit loose and i don't want to resize ;)

    1. That's another popular reason :) In my case, both are a bit loose which is why I'm planning to purchase a cheap silver guard ring soon. :) Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Unlike my wedding ring, I don't always wear my "engagement ring" in my ring finger. However, if I feel like going out wearing my engagement ring and wedding ring together, it is always the wedding band first then the engagement ring. Pareho tayo sis! :D

  4. I knew about the vein reason regarding the wedding ring.
    it's good to read a post like this even if i don't have any plans on getting married yet hehe.. Thanks sis!

  5. oh, so you do chores now?! I always thought that RG would do ALL THAT :P. Lemme know when you snap, ha? LOL


    1. You don't know how much I matured in the 3 weeks that have passed. Wife duties, baby. Gotta love 'em!

  6. I am also don't know about this concept of giving engagement ring, really very surprising for me but thanks for sharing this post with us.
    diamonds for you


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