Friday, May 10, 2013

Bacolod City to Dumaguete City & vice versa

Last year, I got the chance to visit my homeland. This is a throwback photo blog on our Bacolod-Dumaguete tour. The original plan was to fly directly to Dumaguete City. But since it's not one of the seat sale destinations, we ended up taking a flight to Bacolod City instead.

at NAIA Terminal 3

The drawback of taking an afternoon flight is that you no longer have the entire day to loiter the city. Hence, sorry for the poor quality of the evening photos.

How The Ruins looks like at night.
Its beauty in the daylight. Photo from Google Image
The mansion was built in the early 1900’s by the sugar baron, Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson (1865-1948) and was home to his unmarried children.. Continue reading
Our little photo-booth session at the mansion's entrance.

It was a rather short visit because we arrived late and it was raining. Not to mention we had not had dinner yet. Transportation to and fro The Ruins is via tricycle. There was a 50Php entrance fee (for adults).

We celebrated dinner at the Chicken House -- a tricycle and a jeepney ride from The Ruins.

Bacolod experience is not complete without the chicken inasal.
My favorite spot of the hotel which we chose because of its very convenient
location -- near the Ceres Bus Terminal.

Dumaguete City is a good 6 to 7-hour (Ceres) bus ride from Bacolod City.

It was a good ride because of the view.
And we got off at our favorite Rizal Blvd. where we took another tricycle ride to my family's house.
at some pizza house along the boulevard which name I totally forgot
At night, Rizal Blvd is packed with street-food stalls. 
This beach is just 20 minutes from the house. I heard the really nice ones are at least an hour away.
Told ya, we looove Rizal Blvd.
I used to swim here as a kid. Also got the chance to help my father catch some fish through what they call pukot.
Now it just serves as a good jogging track to me.
This is just along the boulevard, too! We got ourselves spaghetti, lasagna, and of course sans rival!

After spending 4 days in Dumaguete, we went back to Bacolod's Silay airport for our flight to Manila. Hassle, right? Trust me, it's not that bad. It took us only less than 5 hours back because apparently, night trips are non-stop.

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  1. Oi, bisaya diay ka! :D I'm from Davao and my husband is from Bacolod :D I love food in Dumaguete!

    1. Yup! But I don't speak Cebuano well. I can understand though. My mom is from Iloilo so I'm half Cebuano, half Ilonggo :)

  2. I love your silhouette shots against the light! :)

    Haven't been to Dumaguete, but I've been to Bacolod City. Didn't get to go out much because I was there on official business, but luckily Calea was just across the hotel where we stayed and that pretty much made my trip. ;)

    1. why, thank you! :)

      Bummer we didn't get to try Calea though I've read of it before going there. Too bad we just stayed there for less than 24hrs.


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