Friday, July 26, 2013

Good Bar: Health in Every Bite

Health and fitness is a trend today. The healthy-living and the fitness-junky portion of the population is thriving in levels too ridiculous for me to believe. Not that I'm complaining. I'm actually very glad to see people running here and there, finishing their marathons and sweating themselves up. Good for them. My IG is flooded with green smoothies & green juices that just by the mere act of checking my feeds, I feel like I have already took in enough amount of greens that would last me a month. Like I said, it's disgusting ridiculous what people would do to become healthy.

So I'm doing this not because of the hype but because I think I should. I have a heart I need to take care of and a fragile underweight body that needs boosting and nourishing. Since I came to this realization (though it's a little later than most people, don't remind me), I became so hooked to doing researches on healthy habits and healthy lifestyle, in general; which include healthy foods. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Budget Baon: Buttered Suaje

or suahe. Remember the one-day cooking technique that I usually do? Poor Venus lacked the time to take care of it the past weekend so she had to cook them breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily this week.

It was my first to partner with this seafood in the kitchen. I was thrilled because aside from its novelty to our list of monthly rotating viands, this almost-as-good-as-sugpo food is also one of our household's favorites. For those who are not familiar with this particular creature, suaje is another type of shrimp along with alamang (krill) & sugpo (prawns). 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast = LOVE

kanto freestyle breakfastAt long last, the goal to sample this intriguing "restaurant" has been fulfilled as the Springbreakers braved the interior of Mandaluyong City in a busy midweek evening. 

Kanto is known for serving delish-fine-dine-restaurant-level gourmet food with price and ambiance of a carinderia (streetside eatery). I learned that this is not all true though upon checking out the menu. Carinderia meals normally range from 30Php (Rice and vegetable dish) to 60Php (Rice and meat & veggie combo). I should know 'cause when in urgent need of food and no time to cook, I prefer them over fastfood.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Haven Lia's Fruity 1st Birthday & Dedication

Just like with weddings, it was also my first time to attend a Baby Dedication last weekend. My goddaughter Haven Lia celebrated it in one with her 1st Birthday at KFC St. Joseph, E. Rodriguez, Quezon City on July 14.

Let me squeeze in a little FYI here: Unlike the Roman Catholic part of the population, Born-again Christians get baptized as a decision to publicly declare that they are surrendering their life to Jesus. Obviously, a 1-year old child does not have the capacity to decide on which spiritual track to choose yet so instead of infant baptism, we have Baby Dedication as a way of welcoming the child to the world and submitting his/her life to our Creator. This is more of a way for the family, relatives, and friends of the parents to celebrate with them, support them as they raise their child in a manner God wants them to (Ephesians 6:4, Proverbs 22:6, Proverbs 29:17, Psalm 127:3-5), and stand with them in prayer until the day the child can already make a decision on his/her own to follow God.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Mitzi-Ryan Wedding

I was super excited to attend this wedding for the very reason that this is the first wedding i'll be attending that's not mine. I'm out of words so let the photo blog speak for itself.

Gotta love them drapes!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Eat & Go: A way to go!

As mentioned in the previous post, July 12 was a milestone for my hair. It's a great thing that the night didn't end at that as the hubby and I had dinner at Eat & Go, SM Megamall Atrium subsequently.

We don't usually eat out especially now that we are still recovering from the financial damage the wedding has made. So for this particular night, we opted to just have dinner at an Asian/European casual dining restaurant.

David's Salon at 50% OFF = still overrated

My eventful weekend started off at David Salon Ruby Road in Ortigas Center. It was a spontaneous engagement that the Duchess and I agreed to do to wrap up our work-week. We booked for a haircut at 5pm. Over lunch of that Friday, we were just talking about how unhappy we were of our hair anymore. How serendipitous that it was David Charlton's birthday (July 12) and so David's Salon nationwide was on 50% off on all hair services. Thank God!

The last time I went to a salon for a haircut was in 2001. Yes, I'm not kidding. Since then, I learned to DIY-trim and layer my hair. The last time I did it was a week before my wedding which was two months ago. Actually, I also DIY my hair color but let's save that for another entry.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Typical Reality Check OR Serious Quarter-life Crisis?

I am 24, married, and with a stable job. I get about 6 hours of sleep every night. I'm still underweight despite efforts to eat more. I have a long overdue appointment with the dentist, derma, OB, and the cardio. That's how I am at the surface and that's not what I'm going to dwell on today. I just thought that's a cool intro. Now brace yourself for the serious body of this letter.

Lately, there has been a lot of reflection going on. Finding myself at daze is becoming frequent and along with it would be occasions of deep contemplation on where I am now in this God-given life. Am I making the most out of it? Am I on the right track? Am I happy? Do I look tired? Am I tired? Is this quarter-life crisis? I don't know. I might have used the term a couple of times before in a conversation with a friend yet I'm not even sure if such a concept exists. Remember how busy I was with all the wedding preps some months ago? And remember how I mentioned the reality that most brides lose their heads after the wedding because of sudden shift from SUPER BUSY to SUPER BORED when there is not a wedding to worry about anymore?

Thursday, July 04, 2013


A long overdue sponsored post. 

OOTD means Outfit of the Day and I'm excited to show you all my first share of one.

Grace of @BELLELAVIE_PH on Instagram has been very generous to send me this fabulous set of outfits from their Dainty Collection. 

Top is made of black chiffon material. High-waisted shorts made of lacy floral fabric.
I love how this fashion gives comfort too. Very light and easy to wear.

I love my new job.

They say waking up in the morning, really early in the morning, is one of the most noble thing a person can do. I agree! It's one of the hardest things to do. Though I already consider myself a morning person, if I hit the sack later than my usual sleeping time (which is at 8:00pm), waking me up before 5:00am the next day will mean war. I'm serious.

But all that changed when this "marriage" thing disturbed my then stable and comfortable life. In fact, this thing might actually have changed a LOOOOT of things about me drastically. Today, I'd like to share a part of this overwhelming transition. 

I have a new job. And it's called wifehood. Yes, I call it a job because it's not easy and just like any other, it needs serious work, great effort, passion, motivation, time management, patience, et cetera. It's been barely two months since I landed this position yet I can already and sincerely say how much I'm loving it just because it's rewarding and I feel that it changed me into a better person.


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