Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Marikina Sports Center and Banapple

As part of my so-called wedding preps, I try to look fit and healthy. But more than the goal to be healthy, what's of great importance to me is to fit in my little gown. Hehe. And so a few weeks ago, I committed to jog/run/dance at least thrice a week. So far, I was only able to do it max of twice in a week because of so many reasons I'd rather not rant about. I do my early evening exercise at Marikina Sports Center. If you're someone who loves to dance but is not willing to pay much for a dance lesson enrollment, you might want to consider this venue.

my usual from-office-to-work-out get-up 

Last weekend, Ralph and I scheduled a jog/dance session with our fellowship group in church. Entrance is P10 per head, locker rental is also at P10 just make sure to bring your own padlock. Otherwise, you can always buy one from there, at P30 each.

(c) for more info about Marikina Sports Center, this blog is very helpful

To join the dance, the dance instructor's assistant (I guess there are 2 of them) will ask you to pay P40/head during weekdays while P50/head during weekends. Though FREE instructor, choreography, and music sound more enticing, I already consider this a good deal. The session, which lasts for 1hr-1.5hrs, covers a wide range of dance types (belly dance, zumba, aero, etc). There are 2 DIs that hold their dance lessons in the Sports Center separately and simultaneously but the group I have joined (because of the better music played) was the one in the Sepak Takraw area, near the covered basketball court entrance.

In our case, that particular weekend, the dance was halfway done when we arrived so we chose to run and walk around the oval instead. What I like most about working out is the excuse to savor on anything more refreshing (and delicious) than usual after burning significant amount of calories. This is how I reward myself. So after more than an hour of just playful yet energy-consuming loitering that we did on the oval, we decided to have dinner at Banapple in Katipunan.

Below is a rundown of what we had.

I got myself the bestseller Banapple House Salad

The Estacio's ordered this which they obviously shared

my friend Ghea got this really mouthwatering Baked Cream Cheesy Penne
which almost all of us shared

Another bestseller: Banofee Pie

which I brought home for the folks

It wasn't my first time to eat something Banapple but it was my first to actually dine-in. I'm glad I did because I loved the interior of the place :)

one contributor to their homey ambiance

How about you? How do you stay fit?

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  1. Love your shoes sis :-) Am fond of Banapple, too!

    Btw, Gtalker here, Followed you through GFC
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