Thursday, March 07, 2013

Engagement Session: Episode 1 by Der Kunstler Photography & Design

It's officially out! I'm just so excited to share to everyone :)


Some of the photos from our recent Engagement slash Save The Date session.

Where: Oregon St. Greenpark Village, Cainta, Rizal (Basketball Court)
When: March 3, 2013, Sunday, 9:00am-11:00am
Photos by: Yvette Lising (Der Kunstler Photography & Design)
Hair and Make up (or lack thereof) by: Yours truly

It takes a real artist to still make a divine scene out of  awkward & haggard models without having to use so much edit. 
Yvette Lising is definitely one of the most talented person I met. Thank God for her gifts.
She has not a single experience in covering sports events until the gloomy Sunday morning when she decided to bless us.
Obviously, she did a good job for a first timer.
No, not just good, more of excellent.
To view the rest of the pics, click here.

To see their entire portfolio, please visit Der Kunstler Photography & Design.

A big thanks to Yvette Lising for braving the photoshoot alone. We appreciateyour time and effort. Sorry if it wasn't easy. Your skills and your generosity -- truly a God-given blessing to us.

Special thanks to Ralph's boss, TL GF Acelajado, for being such a great help in booking this court. We super appreciate it, boss. :)

To Owel Morales for shouting out our need and introducing me to Yvette. I don't say this often but thank you for never failing to entertain me with our over-the-phone banters (because we don't see each other anymore huhu). I need those most lately. I miss you :(

And of course to my bestfriend Christian Sta. Ana for always, as in ALWAYS being there for me even if the only thing you did was lend me your bronzer, give Yvette the consistent time check, and get bored waiting. You know I love you. :)

Lastly, thanks to my beloved father God above for making all things possible. For guiding us everyday. For giving us amazing and undeserved gifts like these.

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  1. Hi, Venus. Congrats!

    Also, I am now one of your lovely followers. :)

    And I'm leaving you a comment (obviously), so you might love me forever. :D


  2. Hi Aiyo,

    haha thanks! for that, I love you forever. :)


  3. Whoa! Great job with the jump shot. It is really nice to look at!! :)

  4. aaawwww.. I love you too my dear :)

  5. and LOL, i'll let my bronzer know :P

  6. @Anon that is Christian, haha! You sure will. :D

  7. hi vhen, i read all you posts-cant help it-very interesting :)))- congrats! ♥♥♥


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