Friday, March 15, 2013

World Sleep Day

Apparently, today is World Sleep Day. Happy slumber everyone! I feel like I have so much to do with this kind of "holiday" because I myself am a big sleeper. No matter how much I love hanging out with friends, talk endlessly, read books, or even movie marathon, when sleep time arrives (and that's around 8pm-9pm), I automatically lose power. Regardless of my degree of busyness, one of my obsessions is still to make sure I get at least 8hrs of sleep everyday. It's very rare that I pull an all-nighter because of this. Not only do I hate the feeling of puyat (lack of sleep) because it literally makes me brain dead the next day, I also love the feeling of getting my mind off the things I have become busy about the entire day that has passed. For me the best way to do it is to sleep. Studies also show that humans can last for days without food or water but not long without sleep.

Anyway, the real intention of this post is to promote my very own small business. The Monster Hug Pillow!

What a best way to sleep but to be surrounded by this humongous hugger! Order now!

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C'mon, you know you want to have one. ♥

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  1. Love the pillow! But I don't think my hubby would be too happy. Hehe


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