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Allegiant: The 3rd Installment to Divergent

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I could not contain my excitement when I learned that my favorite girl Veronica Roth (yes, we're close like that) has already released the title of the third installment to her novel Divergent. Just so you know, this is not your ordinary waiting-for-the-next-book moment. This is the waiting-for-the-next-book-which-title-should-also-end-in-ent type. I have read the first two books just last year and boy it feels like I've waited forever for the release of the third. The suspense was just too much to handle. (Ok I might be exaggerating). For those whose face are of great confusion right now, pardon me. Let me enlighten you instead.

Veronica Roth released her first novel Divergent in April of 2011. What's interesting is that this book was actually written while she was still a college student in Northwestern University, like this was a thesis or something. Insurgent, the sequel, then followed in May 2012. So you see, you don't have to be a fan to expect that (1) the final installment of the trilogy will be released in 2013 (a year interval), and (2) its title will end with -ent just like the first two.

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Today, I just read that Roth has revealed its title - - Allegiant. Much to most of the fans' disappointment, it's not Detergent. Lol. That could have been a far intriguing title. Plus, I'm sure some will argue that Allegiant only has the same last-syllable pronunciation with the first two but a deviant last-syllable spelling. Lol.

So many things to look forward to! The striving reader in me is going gaga lately. On top of the anticipation for the publication of Allegiant, there's the movie adaptation for Divergent which, allegedly, is set for release some time next year. I wonder which character Kate Winslet will play. I only know my (another) favorite girl Maggie Q (from Nikita) will play Tori. I even back-read the first book to check if Tori is supposed to be Asian and she is, indeed. :)

The Divergent trilogy is a yet another dystopian fiction like Hunger Games. Though I have only seen the latter in its movie adaptation, I can say I like how the plot was formed in the first one better because of its focus on values and decisions.


  1. I have read Divergent, but I was not as taken with it as you obviously are. It was okay, but did not really captivate me. I have a copy of Insurgent and I think I may have read a chapter or two but for some reason I stopped and switched to another book. Oh well. Might give this trilogy another chance, after I'm done with the current series I'm reading. :)

    1. Hi Nat! haha to be honest I might have actually dragged myself to flip to the next pages to finish reading these books (esp Insurgent). I admit some parts can easily leave you thinking of something else more time-worthy in life lol. But I don't know, in general, I liked the idea. Maybe I like this genre in general. Almost meta-fiction to me, if you know what I mean. You have to understand, this is coming from someone who has read nothing but romantic novels in the past decade :D

    2. If YA dystopian genre is starting to pique your interest, let me recommend a couple more series, The Hunger Games trilogy (by Suzanne Collins) and Under The Never Sky (Veronica Rossi). ;)

    3. Wow thanks. As soon as this pandemonium where I'm currently in is over, will get a copy of Veronica Rossi's :)


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