Monday, April 15, 2013

Molave Tapsi for the holiday lunch

During the last Philippine holiday (April 9 - Araw ng Kagitingan), I got to spend a ridiculously amazing time with my girly girlfriends from the previous company. I think this was my first reunion with them since we left our previous job. Our meeting was mainly for my wedding DIYs ('cause they have such a bored good heart and offered help in realizing my wedding mood board). But since I'm the only one in the group who has not been there yet, I insisted on starting our day with a lunch at the great Molave Tapsi.

Molave Tapsi is (obviously) a small Tapsilog (and other types of silog-dish; if you are a Filipino you know what I mean) diner easily spotted along the stretch of Molave St. in Project 3, Quezon City (hence the name).
What I loved most about them is that they serve really sumptuous meals that don't hurt the wallet.
The gang from L-R: Claro, Owel, Lyan, Duchess, Yours Truly, & Ralph
It's only now that I realized how the plus one's were wearing matching outfits with the
jolly & accommodating Molave Tapsi staff. haha!
The fiance, being that he's obsessed with sisig, got himself Sisigsilog.
I went there for this -- Tapsilog. By far the most tender and juicy Tapsilog I have tried in my life. NO. KIDDING.
Most of them got Baconsilog though. Not surprising if it's Molave Bacon which it isn't.
I have always been a fan of tapsilog and I am so glad that this one did not disappoint. This was actually the first time I got a taste of a spicy version of it. And I'm not even talking about pairing-your-tapa-with-chili-diced-in-vinegar spicy. I'm talking about the tender-tapa-marinated-in-spicy-seasoning kind. Ok it's lunch time and this is making me drool so I'll stop right here.

Go visit Molave Tapsi and experience not only their tasteful silog dishes that come with oh-so-hot and malinamnam soup but also their ice cream corner which offers a wide variety (from popsicles, to drumsticks, to pints) all in very affordable price!

Molave Tapsi
69 Molave Street Project 3 Q.C.


  1. nice naman venus emmaaaaaa.. i love your blog na! ^_^

  2. That's what I like about small shops, it's affordable! :)

  3. my mistake, i should have not clicked this post at the time i'm so hungry. i love silogs too! :)


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