Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Throwback: San Antonio Resort & My Metamorphosis

In between my DIY chronicles, boredom still squeezes in. Imagine that? I guess I’m just on that stage where I expect myself not to have even the shortest dead air. You know that feeling when you think you have so many things to do that you panic each time you find yourself sitting and not doing anything? I had that moment last Sunday morning. The day before was an amazing DIY afternoon-evening with my closest friends. They say brides normally have this tendency of losing themselves after the wedding because suddenly there’s no more wedding to plan on, nothing to do or stress about. I’m too anxious about that season that I worry about it as early as now (42 days before the wedding).

Ok that was some intro. My point really is that because of boredom, I ended up browsing photos of (unexpectedly) one of the most amazing travels I had in 2010.

Days when cheeks used to compose 80% of my face and my nose easily followed at #2 spot with at least 15% of it.
No, obviously I didn't have the nose enhanced by any sort of technology. Although if you notice here, my nose really did get tamed. Haha!
 It’s one of the remarkable results of my having braces. When I had 2 of my upper premolars removed, somehow it affected my face structure leaving my face with 0% chubby cheeks and 100% cheekbones. Another thing to notice, locks used to be black and more gracefully wavy (unlike today the waves just look tired haha).

Anyway, this isn't really about my nose and hair so let’s talk about Roxas City. I know this place isn't one of the top results you see when you Google for amazing vacation places outside of Metro Manila. However, having been there a couple of times for work-related purposes, I can say that Roxas City, especially my San Antonio Resort experience did not disappoint in any way. 

What best way to wake up for breakfast but with this?

I haven’t even maximized my stay there as the resort offers a lot of amenities I wasn't able to avail. Aside from this divine scenery, it’s only their swimming pool that we really got to experience.

with Marga and Duchess
What I also loved the most about San Antonio is its location. Just about 5-10mins of walk from the villa, you can find yourself already strolling along the beach-side where most of the seafood restaurant is located.  If you’re a foodie like me, you would love this place so much because of the beyond expectation freshness of the seafood they serve. Dude they cook it straight from the ocean right in front of you and which waves you can hear while savoring those talaba and grilled stuffed pusit.

The good ole days. Nostalgic. I suddenly missed those carefree childish days I had as a very young adult whose fulfillment mainly comes from her job. This is definitely going to be some transition for me, you know. Changing my last name, my address, my civil status, and my roommate. Sure it’s not going to be easy. Good thing God’s grace is sufficient. 

San Antonio Resort, Baybay Beach, Roxas City
(+63) 920 9825377 | (+63) 917 6205377


  1. One thing talaga na masarap pag nasa province lalo na sa Visayas ay ang seafood! Napaka-fresh, not to mention, napaka-mura din. :)

    By the way, stumbled on your blog from GT. Following you now on GFC. :)

  2. I looked at the website already and seems that the ambiance is really good and clean in which they have reasonable price. In fairness I like their facilities as well and their activities that they are providing. This is good promotion to other people here.

  3. You got me salivating with those photos of seafood. Favorite ko yan esp. ang pusit. Oh my. Kagutom naman sis! :P

  4. WOW! their foods are looks so yummy.. :)


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