Friday, May 31, 2013

Hubby's attempt to a surprise romantic dinner = SUCCESS!

I know I still have so many backblogs backlogs to post -- wedding, supplier review, honeymoon -- but I had to make way for this cute little one just because!

Ralph made one of his dreams come true last night -- to surprise me with a romantic dinner at our very place. The sweet heart was able to pull it off so well because I was really surprised! Just to give you a brief background, I am a control freak. I hate not being in the know. This is one of the reasons I can't say I'm all surprised when he proposed six months ago. I always investigate on random things. I interrogate him all the time. Observing is my habit.

Now this one literally escaped my sensitive senses. He used the "I am sick" trick. In fairness, he was really sick and still is while I'm writing this. We left the house before 7am yesterday; myself headed to the office, him to play basketball. He was back home before lunch and said he's not feeling well that he even had to stop playing mid-game. I got really worried because I anticipated this could happen knowing that he has not played ball since almost a year ago.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, while I was in the office,
he gave me the impression that he was just at home the whole day nursing his strained muscles and enjoying the rare occasions his bud is in a lazy state. When I was about to go home (by the way, can I just say how extremely excited I always am to go home lately?), he called and asked me to drop by my parents' house to get my speakers as he wants us to watch a movie when I get home. Yes, my folks' house is a less than 10-minute walk but hey, those speakers are no light to be carried by my fragile frame. I asked him to at least meet me halfway so he can help me carry and the cruel guy was fast to say he was too sick to move. Then the most understanding wife in me went on with the chore, feeling all weird and helpless. He used to be a gentleman. What, do boys really change that drastically when you marry them? Lol.

Later on I learned those were his delaying tactics to give him ample time to finish his cooking and "table" setting. He fetched me from the gate and I was confused when I saw that the lights were turned off when I reached our floor. He opened the door and voila..

He used what's left of our unity candle (which I DIY-ed), my resourceful hubby.
Obviously, we don't have a dining table yet, or any table for that matter. 
But hey, don't these petals look nicer on our tiled floor?
Candles and flowers. He knows I'm a sucker for these. ♥
Flat tops for dessert :)
I remembered asking him what our viand for the night was and how to my disappointment, he answered "fried porkchop because I'm not feeling well enough to cook".  He knows I don't fancy fried and hard to chew food so he chose that to make me expect nothing better for the night.

So you can imagine the shock on my face when I saw that he prepared our mutual favorite dish -- ginataang kalabasa & sitaw with pork. Loooooove! This is the reason earlier in the day, he purposefully disagreed in my decision to stop eating rice at night. We have stocked a kilo of oatmeal at home which I can replace rice with but he said I shouldn't worry about my waistline because he'll love me anyway. Ugh, boys! Who said it's for them? I was worried for my health and sense of well-being.

Too many lies and excuses for this. Nonetheless, it was all worth it as this little sweetie cutie patootie gesture really left me with pure joy and a wonderful memory to cherish forever.
Show of hands, who thinks an empty bottle of Summit mineral water used as a flower vase is cute? Haha.
May the Lord bless this man for making ends meet just to make me feel like I'm the most special woman in the world. I love you, Ralph. I'm one happy wife.

P.S. I hope he doesn't get mad. He didn't want me to blog this. He wanted this little intimate something to remain private. At the back of my mind, I was like "You obviously still have a lot of things to learn about girls." Face it, ladies. Wonderful things like this? NEVER REMAIN PRIVATE. Lol

P.P.S. Sorry for the poor photo quality. I just used my 3.2MP camera phone.


  1. This is so sweet of your husband! :D And yes yes, girls can never keep things like this private. Anyway, I hope the bf will do something like this for me in the future.. ^^

    1. Hi Sumi! Haha you know it! Oh, I hope so too if he wants to be your hubby :D Wives should be treated THIS special :) More special than how they were treated when they were still girlfriends :)

  2. SURPRISE!! Dito me magcomment ngayon bwaha =)) Bravo Ralph! Para ke Ralph pala ang comment :P

    1. haha kaloka ka talaga #1 follower. I knew it! :D

  3. wow, that's very sweet. lucky you! :)

  4. awww.. this is sooo sweet! :) very resourceful in using the mineral bottle as a flower vase! love it! :)

    1. Haha resourcefulness is one of his giftings :) thanks!

  5. you soon-to-be hubby is sooo sweet. you seems to be a very lucky girl!

    1. Hi Mira! He sure is! He is my hubby, btw. We just got married :) thanks :)

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  7. I also love that dish, ginataang kalabasa and sitaw. I really eat a lot of rice if that's our viand. LOL


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