Tuesday, May 14, 2013

When your wedding is the first you'll attend

At one week before the big day, here I am again; contemplating on so many things -- random and otherwise.

Even before Ralph's wedding proposal, I have been addicted to watching wedding SDEs and other forms of coverage. Not because I love weddings (I know some people who are just crazy about them) but because I want to have an idea on how it's like to walk down the aisle and how people behave in a rather big celebrations like this. It was my way of preparing myself. I felt I had to educate myself because the first wedding I'll be attending is mine.

Funny how that sounds but it's true. Unless we consider that one time I went to a wedding as a flower girl two decades ago and which I don't even remember who the bride and the groom is anymore. Seriously. So yes, this is my first wedding to attend. Now, how do I feel about that?

Fantastic. Because I won't be able to compare it with any wedding I have seen except for the ones I have seen in movies and in Youtube. And c'mon, let's face it. Movies are different because those are actors pretending to be in love with another actor in front of them. And the Bob Nicolas vids that I watched? No comparison either because I wasn't there in the venue to wipe my tears along with the other guests who were thinking of dinner already. So you see, we're talking experience here -- the part where you actually take part and witness a wedding on a personal level.

This really excites me. Fellow brides who have been there and done that, any tips for me? :)


  1. Have fun! Enjoy your big day. Don't worry about anything (because you've done that already months before while preparing)... just celebrate love and SMILE! :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing the post with us:).The "When your wedding is the first you'll attend " is really wonderful.Looking forward to your next post!


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