Monday, June 17, 2013

Last Friday Night in Cafe Lidia

Last Friday night, I was finally able to bring along ze office mates in my favorite Italian casual diner in Marikina -- Cafe Lidia

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Nachos for appetizer -- 155Php. Although this was just the regular serving, we were able to share it. The bigger version of this, Nachos Grande, costs 285Php and is good for at 5-7 pax (if used as appetizer and not as main dish haha!).

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It was my first time to try their Buffalo Wings (at 170Php) and as expected, it was yummm! We loved the garlic dip. 

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Kim got herself the Baked Penne for 150Php. It's basically penne pasta with beef and mushroom in tomato cream sauce topped with mozzarella.

Since I have already tried most of their cream-sauced pasta, I got one from their new menu -- Fettuccine
Salmone for 195Php. As seen in the photo, it's fettuccine with salmon bits. This was heavenly!

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Grace had Pasta al Arrabiata for 140Php. It was spaghetti in spicy tomato sauce. She thought it was a bit sour for
her taste being that she's a Filipino-spaghetti eater. Not to mention that it wasn't spicy at all. Hmm..

Joy, who seemed to have so many gutom that night ordered Chicken Kebab. I got to taste a bit of it and
droool! The chicken was tender and tasty even on the inside.

Mi amore, who later on joined us for dinner, got himself this really really good grilled pork belly. The carnivore in
him got so excited upon seeing the big rice serving and the very tender and also generously served pork belly. 

For dessert, we had a slice of Grandma's Chocolate Cake -- a favorite among their moist cakes. You know how chocolate cakes tend to hurt your throat sometimes? This is an exemption. You should try it.

For information's sake, I am sharing with you our bill for the night.
For 5 people? Not bad at all.

Joy, Kim, the Venus, Grace (hubby was still on his way probably already imagining food amid the
Taguig rain and traffic)

It was yet another satisfying experience in Cafe Lidia. Felt like we took in amnesia-inducing food to forget all that we have been through to get there-- traffic, heavy rains, & exhaustion. Oh Friday payday nights, why do you have to be so harsh?

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  1. the baked penne looks so good! craving for it :)

  2. Made me crave for pasta. *drools*

  3. pork belly! <3 if the serving is generous, i always go back to the resto from time to time. fair enough na yung bill ninyo considering there were 5 of you tapos may dessert at appetizer na. but i hate going out during payday nights, lalo na payday weekend... cabs seems to disappear at super traffic pa.


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