Monday, June 03, 2013

Tasty Treats Candy Buffet

Tasty Treats Candy Buffet was one of, if not the, ultimate crowd favorite in my wedding.

Charles of Tasty Treats blessed our wedding with not only an additional oomph by creating this setup but also a mouth watering surprise for both the kids and the adult guests.

The Candy Bar which followed our blue and silver theme was beautifully decorated with apothecary jars, classy linens, centerpiece, and table decors. Plus, they made a life-size version of our wedding monogram (the RV styrofoam painted blue in the middle)! I'm a sucker for personalized stuff so this really touched my heart. Candy bags and a buffet attendant were also provided. The Tasty Treats which the kiddos and the youngs-at-heart went cray-cray about were:

Mallows, Crystal Candies, Caterpillar Gummies, Red Sour Belts, Yogurt Sticks, Sugar Frost, Dolphin Gummies, Gum Drops, Wafer Sticks, & Pretzels.

 If there's one thing I regret about this wedding, it's not being able to englut on these sweets. I should have asked someone to get a candy bag and reserve some for me to savor during the honeymoon. I heard the yogurt sticks were great!

Then again, as a bride, I realized  you're not supposed to have time to eat because you will be mingling with guests and mostly be posing for the camera.

As mentioned on the overall suppliers review I made, Tasty Treats got a perfect score from us :)

Tasty Treats Candy Buffet
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  1. Thanks for the link sis, but I am planning to DIY my candy buffet. Besides, I already have the needed materials. Yours was awesome too. Love the decorations! :D

    1. oh, I love DIY-ing! Enjoy! So excited for your 2-in-1 party :)


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