Monday, November 04, 2013

Bring it on, 25!

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Year 24 has been the most amazing, exciting, intense, and memorable year so far. It's when I was able to appropriately and legitimately use the adjectives blissful, content, restless, and berserk at the same time. A lot has transpired that up to date I still couldn't fathom how those things can take place and change a person in a snap. I mean getting engaged, changing of last name and civil status, changing of address.. overwhelming!

However, this particular year in my lifetime was not without its challenges (hence, restless and berserk). Nonetheless, I couldn't think of a better way to start a new year but by thanking Him who is and was responsible for everything and the reason I'm still here to face another chapter with a loaded heart and an awkward smirk.

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Thank God that a year ago, the love of my life braved to ask apparently the most terrifying question  in the world. Oh and I thank Him for giving me the wisdom as I made one of the most major decisions in my life.

Thank God for giving us supportive families and friends who gave us love and assistance for the whole nerve-racking process of the wedding preparation.

Thank God for making miracles happen so we could pull the financial aspect of the wedding despite absence of real savings on hand.

Thank God for the grace of emotional and spiritual strength amid that taxing situation which tested not only our partnership and relationship as engaged couple but also our characters as son and daughter of the Creator.

Thank God for the wonderful people who blessed our wedding with their talents and resources. May the Lord God bless them even more.

Thank God for the gift of this wonderful marriage. It's fantastic! I couldn't be more grateful for having such a responsible, loving, kind-hearted, and godly man for a husband.

Thank God for the provision of a house home. I never dreamed that such a small apartment could give so much comfort, security, and rest.

Thank God that our new found home is strategically located so we can easily access the wet market, supermarket, national road/high way, church, and my parents' house.

Thank God for the smooth transition from leaving our families behind and moving to this love nest. Really, I felt His grace surrounded me all the way despite the few burst of tears during the first week away from the parents.

Thank God that we had and still have stable jobs to support the movement and sustain this starting family.

Thank God that we are in good relationship with our family and loved ones. Really, nothing beats the peace of mind and good night sleep you get when you know you're at peace with everyone. This very simple thing is easily taken for granted and rarely prayed for.

Thank the Lord for changing us from individuals who worry about their needs and wants to a couple who work together to make sure that each other feel no less than loved and taken care of every single day.

Thank God that at 24, my worries had changed from what to wear on a date with a potential boyfriend OR where to hang-out on a Friday night OR how to download movies/TV series for a weekend marathon TO which detergent and fabric conditioner to buy OR how to squeeze-in visiting the folks on a hectic weekend OR where to get cheap but nice sofa covers and shoe rack.

Thank God for giving us a fellowship group that never fails to encourage and lift us up through prayers in trying times. Really, they have given us more than friendship. They are one big evidence that our Savior lives.

Thank You Lord for the gift of eternal life. I don't deserve it and even tried to escape it a few years back yet you shoved it down my throat. That is something I'll forever appreciate You for, such a compassionate God.

Thank You for the good health, protection for me and my family, protection from any form of harm and protection from the evil one. Thank you Father for being faithful to your promise that You will always be with us. Your love is practically the air that I breathe.

Now that I'm 25, my prayer is that like in any other season in my life, may I be a better steward of His blessings and grace and may I be able to glorify His name in every thing that I do and in every new day that He'll give me. I have so many other things to thank the Lord for and obviously a blog entry like this won't suffice to describe how grateful I am so let me just leave you with this lyric-video of one of my favorite worship songs. It perfectly echoes the shout of my heart anyway.

God bless you beautiful person reading this.

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  1. Happy Birthday Venus! I hope you had a good one. Many blessings, many more to come your way, many more to be thankful for!


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