Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Not so fast, 2014.

We're halfway done with January 2014. Wait...what? I haven't even shared with you yet how insane my break up with 2013 was! Oh well.. time flies, I guess?

I won't even launch this blog-year with a post on my New Year Resolutions, Personal Goals, etc. I'm gonna save you another annoying cliche on your feed. Instead, I'll be sharing with you an organizing system which I discovered during the long break. Watch the video and see if this could be of help to you, planner/organizer-geeks like myself. I'm already doing this and yuhh it's fun to finally have a system when you only have a notebook and a pen. (I have long since stopped buying a planner as I find the preset lines and dates and inserts unhelpful.)

For more info, you may visit their website ==> Bullet Journal

Have an amazing year ahead!

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  1. I looked up the website for Bullet Journal. It does look organized and functional, but I guess I am too lazy to do all the steps plus the indexing. Haha. The convenience of conventional journals suit me just fine. Each man to his own lang talaga. ;)

    1. True. The conventional journals work just fine to me until they don't. Haha. Pag napagod ako dito I'm sure I'll get back to using those. Hopefully not so soon though cos the Bullet Journal is one good way of archiving the years. :)

    2. True. Though for archiving purposes, I just used my extra planner. Just about perfect since there's just enough space for a bulleted list of things I want to remember for that particular day. Took it a step further though, and made it a Gratitude Journal. So I write not just the minutiae I want to remember, but mostly the things that made me happy and I'm thankful for. :)

  2. I really love the idea of a bullet journal. I keep my dates organized digitally, but I also keep an ordinary notebook for notes and I could see how some principles of the bullet journal can be useful for keeping my ideas organized.


    1. True! Although now that I'm using it, I'm already seeing some flaw or areas for improvement for this kind of system. Might actually blog about it soon. :)


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