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​I love the second trimester! Although there are still days I just feel tired, generally this has been the best season of this pregnancy so far. I am able to catch up on my backlogs in terms of government documentsSSS, Philhealth, and BIR. I pay my own remittances and taxes, so I really enjoyed and took advantage of the priority lanes. Baby bump is quite obvious now, so it's easier to avail of these without getting skeptic looks and side glances.


We initially planned on getting just a regular 2D ultrasound to know baby's sex. However, after careful consideration and upon the advice of my OB as well, we considered a CAS might be better to also know how baby is doing physiologically. What was initially scheduled at Week 20 was moved to Week 22 to be sure that baby's body parts are bigger and more visible during the scan.

We had the procedure done at Clinica Manila in SM Hypermarket. Ralph and I had other tests that needed to be done (including Fasting Blood Sugar)
. So, we opted to do it somewhere closer to home for lesser travel time and our breakfastless stomachs won't be in much more agony than they already were.

It happened on Oct. 7, a Wednesday morning. After blood extraction and urine collection for our corresponding laboratory tests, we were first in line for the CAS. It felt like a normal 2D abdominal ultrasound except that this time, I was sweating (because of excitement) and Ralph was also very tensed. I remember the look on his face that day. Priceless. This was big deal for him at the time as he had only experienced baby's kick once or twice. I realized,
​ unlike me, he's craving for this baby. He doesn't have a feel of what I experience every day. He is clueless about the sex and he needed this. He needed to see that this is real. We have a living baby inside my tummy. I was just looking at him the whole time and I didn't expect the joy overflowing inside me just to see Ralph so happy. He was so beautiful that day. So expectant. Like a child that you can't disappoint because he was waiting on something that will change his life forever.


1. IT'S A BOY! After 30 minutes or so, the scan was complete. Ralph was overjoyed to know that we're having a baby boy. YAY! While this is news for him, this was just a confirmation for me. ButI was grateful and joyful just the same. I myself have been praying for a boy! It's inexplicable,​ but I knew I'm carrying a boy since the latter part of the first trimester when nausea and vomiting started to subside. The moment I felt the quickening at Week 13, I knew it was a baby boy who makes such movements. And every day since, as I talk to him and play music for him, I just know he's a HE. Other moms might relate to this but truth be told, I have no way of explaining it. I might have used the "ugly skin and breakouts" reason a couple of times but if I'll be honest, that's not the real basis I have for knowing that I'm carrying a boy.

2. BABY IS VERY HEALTHY. Aside from knowing we're having a little Ralph, I was (still is!) also ecstatic and so relieved to know that baby is perfectly healthy. The size of all his body parts is perfect for his age. Unlike mine, his heart is VSD-free and actually very healthy! No murmurs or weird sounds like his mom’s hehe. Praise the Lord! I admit, I might have skipped on the prenatal vitamins and other supplements one too many times in the earlier weeks of this pregnancy that it got me so worried that it might have an effect on baby's development. I was also throwing up almost everything I tried to take in, which translates to almost zero nutrients for me and the baby. I'm so blessed to know that God took care of his growth inside no matter how ugly the situation was for me outside.

3. OUR BIRTHING TEAM. The first trimester had been a struggle for me not only because of hyperemesis gravidarum,​ but also because I was a little stressed on where to give birth. I have no problem with the facility. I can give birth anywherelying in clinic, hospital, or even at home! For some hippie reasons, I prefer the latter. It’s just that my cardiologist insisted that I get care from a tertiary hospitalwhich left us with not much options if we were to consider factors like proximity to home and hospital rates. But that was just one (and secondary) concern. My main concern that time was the birthing team I'll be working with. I wasn't very happy with my then-current OB because I was not 100% supported when I mentioned about my birth plan (more of this in a separate post). The moment she questioned my choices in giving birth was the moment I knew I can't work with her. I can't entrust my birthing process to someone who doesn't trust my ability to give birth. Hence, the decision to switch OBs and hospital for that matter.

After weeks of research and prayer, I have finally met the godsend who will take care of us from this day until delivery. Dr. Menefrida Reyes of St. Lukes Quezon City is a mother and carer more than a doctor. I have read so much about her online and there's one thing to say after finally meeting herthe hype is real! Maybe I can elaborate on this more as we go through the process of prenatal care together. I basically just want to share how overjoyed I was to finally find someone who is an encourager and an advocate of Gentle Birth. I find so much comfort in knowing that we will be taken care of and won't be treated as business. God is so good for leading us to her. 

doula philippines, doula, menefrida reyes, gentle birth, prenatal yoga, spinning babies, prenatal exercise

doula philippines, doula, menefrida reyes, gentle birth, prenatal yoga, spinning babies, prenatal exercise

As seen in the photos above, another highlight of the second trimester would be the birthing class we attended -- BINHI. It's a whole-day learning session facilitated by the Pinay Doulas Collective last October 17, at The Renaissance Tower in Ortigas. What a fun and informative way of learning how to prepare for labor and how paramount knowledge on Gentle Birth is to achieve a successful and beautiful birthing experience.

Now that we are about to welcome the third and final trimester in a few weeks, I can't help but feel sentimental about so many things. The Lord God in heaven has been so good to us. If you remember, I mentioned in my last post how this pregnancy came as a surprise. We are not exactly prepared for this in so many aspects. But the Lord has been pulling miracles in the background to make things easier for us. Hubby and I tend to always have something to worry about every day. Decisions have to be made before this ticking time bomb that is my baby bump explodes in a few months. The pressure is on and admittedly, we won't enjoy this season one bit if we don't pass the burden to the Almighty One. Do we leave this apartment? Can we afford a car now? Did we make the right move in switching hospitals? Is our bank account sufficiently funded? Questions left and right. So many uncertainties. But the Lord is so loving for carrying us through day in and day out. We lift everything to Him because there's no better way to do it. We'll definitely lose our sanity the very day we choose to take charge. 

Psalm 55:22

Cast your cares on the Lord
    and he will sustain you;

he will never let
    the righteous be shaken.

Leaving you with this scripture to carry you through whatever situation you might be in. May you have an awesome week as we kiss October goodbye. :)

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  1. congrats insan! ayan may boy na apo na si tita Luz, finally! <3

  2. Congratulations sis! So happy for you and your hubby! ^_^

  3. I'm so inggit. But I'm still young. Hahahaha! Congrats po!

  4. Hi Venus! Just stumbled across your blog. I'd like to say, "Congrats!" although late na pero still, your blog got me interested so I was curious how's your son doing right now? Actually, buntis kasi ako ng 5 months and 2 weeks ngayon so I think we're on the same page. I'm enjoying my 2nd Trimester kasi medyo konting pressure lang ang nararamdaman ko. Anyway, thanks for the info about home birthing. By the way, ano nga palang vitamins and supplements ang iniinom mo during your pregnancy?

    1. Hi! Congratulations on your pregnancy!
      During my time, I was prescribed a lot of things. 2 types of iron tabs because I'm anemic, folic acid, calcium tabs, and Obimin. But! You have to know that I never took any of those regularly. I tried to get the vitamins I needed from real food. I used to have very unhealthy diet so I adjusted that instead. :) Ngayon ko pa lang inuubos yung calcium and iron because I'm breastfeeding and still anemic.


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