Tuesday, April 03, 2012


INTRO. I don't exactly know where this blog will go from here. I just know I have so many thoughts pending to be written down, and Tumblr turned its back on me, so I'm opting to make another crib for my stories.

OBJECTIVE. This might be just like any other personal blog I've created in the past but I aim for this to be more than a refuge of my emotions. Rather, I hope I could be more informative as I tell about my journey. I'll try to be wiser in creating my post as I aim for people not just to find my writings interesting but for them to also learn even the minutest of lesson from me.

WORRIES. This might be my 5th blog but this is my real first time to write a sensible first post. Yes dear, THIS is sensible. Haha! At least I'm trying. So I hope people are supportive. Tumblr was easier, you know. As those are pictures. And one liners. It's so easy to fall to that trap of creating a blog out of fragmented thoughts. But how can I learn articulacy if I don't push my limits, right? I mean, my Broca's area is long dead and I wouldn't be able to wake it up if I stop at just looking and reading.

EXPECTATIONS. Nothing much. I'm just here to have fun as always. But this time, just with a little pressure of being more mature, maybe.

Okay enough of this. Nerves are just everywhere. Can't wait to post more and show the world who I am and what I'm consist of --really crazy animal cells. Lol.

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