Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Euphoria Spa: 1 star

Have you tried getting a full body massage from a non-air conditioned spa?

I did, last Sunday. Ralph and I bought this Couple Massage package from Groupon. Disclaimer: We are huge in massages just like Rondo is huge in triple doubles. I think that was the 4th spa moment that we got from a group buying site. We got it for 350php which was 75% off its original price. Euphoria Spa is located in West Drive Kapitolyo in Pasig City
. We made the reservation a week ahead and unlike our usual reservation experience, it wasn’t hard to get a schedule with them. I should have gotten a hint from that.

We arrived 30mins earlier than our reservation which was at . The receptionist greeted me with “Ma’am, okay lang po wala kaming aircon ngayon?”

Trust me I didn’t have a choice. Ralph came from a rough basketball game that morning and the least that he could take was for that appointment to be postponed. So I replied“Yes, I don’t think we have a choice” with the most plastic insincere smile I could produce.

Ralph, being the athletic type that he is, literally just endured the entire session. An electric fan was positioned between the ends of our mattresses. When the entire hour of massage has passed, he said it wasn’t anywhere close to relaxing. He couldn’t even fall asleep because of the heat. What’s interesting, however, is that I enjoyed it. It was nowhere close to the heat I feel in the gym sauna, neither that in the sports park when we jog in the morning. Yes, it wasn’t refreshing or cold but for me it wasn’t hot either. I mean, the fan was almost blowing the towel covering my body and I think that’s enough air that I need to enjoy the massage.

It’s a shame though because I liked the service. I always ask for a soft pressure massage and boy the masseuse knows how to make me sleep. I could’ve given this spa 4 stars if not for the AC.

Recommended? Of course not. So the next time you avail promos like that, you might want to double check even the most basic thing that a health and wellness business should have... like protective eyewear for clinics that offer laser hair removal services. (now that's another story)

Next spa appointment is with Nuat Thai. Anyone who has experienced getting a massage here?

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