Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Acid Peptic Disease

I was rushed to the ER last May 24 due to a 2-day constipation and an entire night of abdominal pain. I arrived in The Medical City (where CJ Corona was confined, pretty interesting) at around 10am.

Blood tests were done and a heplock was immediately inserted at the back of my palm. I was not able to ask what medicine they used it for. I just heard that that specific drug has to take effect immediately.

heparin lock
I was diagnosed of Acid Peptic Disease. I have a history of hyperacidity; hence, my innate avoidance to caffeine but up to that day, I didn't notice that my old habit of not eating until I'm dying of starvation has returned. I was the queen of binge-eating. I have a very high tolerance to hunger and I make sure that revenge is on its way waiting for me to just have a chance to eat. I didn't realize I still am the same queen until I was brought by my boyfriend to the hospital that day.

Another realization is that I work too hard that it literally makes me skip meals. Strict deadlines and volume deliverables are inevitable but I know I was also at fault by not doing something about eating on time. Boy I lost 7 lbs over the weekend and I already consider myself underweight even before the ER experience. Now my mom prepares me baon to bring to the office. She made sure I have crackers to line my stomach in between the regular meals. I should be back to 98lbs in no time.

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