Monday, February 04, 2013

A dinner with the parents: The First

My parents finally met Ralph's parents last night, Sunday. We met at Luyong Restaurant over dinner. In a traditional Filipino engaged couple, this is what's normally called pamamanhikan. It was taught in a subject called Sibika at Kultura back in grade school that this event usually takes place in the girl's house. Back in the days, the guy, together with his parents would go to the fiancee's house and bring goodies (goodies talaga haha). Based on what I have heard, this supposedly is when the guy would ask for the girl's parents' to allow him to marry their daughter. Only in our case, this event wasn't really to ask my parents' approval anymore. They have approved of Ralph from Day 1 :) This was more of a formal introduction since both parties have not been in any get together before.

L-R Yours truly, Ma, Pa, Ralph, Tito Rudy, Tita Luz, Cham (Ralph's sister)
we actually ate a lot

and the best among our orders was their lumpiang shanghai

Being that this was my first time to attend such a pamamanhikan thing (obviously cos I'm getting married just once and I don't have siblings who might have undergone this process), I must admit I wasn't at my most comfortable state. In fact, I was nervous the whole time. What if the parents didn't like each other? What if they got into an arguement over who's gonna do what and when' gonna what should happen and where? Not that our big day has not been planned yet. Actually, almost everything on my wedding checklist has been done already. It's not like they will impose whatever preference they have on the already existing contracts we have with our suppliers. But of course, as their son and daughter, we would also have to consider what they would say. As children of God, we honor our mother and father. Good thing they didn't have any violent reaction on the decisions we made. In fact, I even sensed that they were pretty impressed that we were able to pull-off the preparation without giving them any financial burden to say the least. Proud fiancee' here! haha

Anyway, I believe the only reason things turned out fine that night was because God answered our prayers. I and Ralph has been praying for almost everything we could think about lately. Our security lies in Him and we plan to keep it that way 'til the end of time. He's the Rock, you know.

P.S. Before parting ways, I beso-ed Tita Luz and she whispered in my ears something like "Call me mama na ha." And my weak heart got so kilig! haha

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  1. Wow.. kilig din ako sa sinabi ng future MIL mo. It's really important to be close to your in-laws! :)


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