Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The Entourage: First Meet

Aside from that my folks and Ralph's folks finally met last weekend, another big event that took place was the first ever meeting of our entire entourage (which I'll definitely feature in the future wedsite that is persistently in my head). We all gathered for our couturier to get our measurements last Saturday at my beloved fiance's home.

TL: Groom's waistline is *toot*
ML:  me!
BL: Owel & Duchess
R: Bride, 1/2Candle, and 1/2MOH
photo (c): Owel

I didn't expect it to be THAT fun. I mean, seriously, almost everyone had an issue with their waistline. lol! Who did not call himself fat? Good thing Ate Corie (the one who was getting the measurements) was very patient. On top of measurement acquisition, we also discussed the details of the outfits. The guys will be wearing barong so yeah, they went gaga over the samples that Ate Corie brought while the girls were plain noisy over who has fatter arms. Too bad I didn't get to take much pictures. Friends who know me well can attest to the fact that I'm no camwhore. I realize for events like these, I need to at least try. I mean, I'm getting married. I have to at least have a hundred photos to show my children how the preps and the wedding itself went. haha. Ok this is so out of topic but I know some people who go to whatever fastfood/restau/restroom/couch and take like 44 shots in one sitting. You don't have to agree but to me that is borderline disturbing.

Anyway, not that you know all of them, but here's the line up.

♥ Our beloved entourage ♥

Maids of Honor
 Duchess Abo & Angelyne Calica
Bride's Attendant
 Christian Sta. Ana
Ryan Marigmen
Mark Torres & Mark Panahon
Cham Marigmen & Owel Morales
Ghea Mojica & Michael Reyes
Donna Nabong & Wreuel Nabong
Coin & Bible Bearer
Kiana Marigmen
Sophia Marigmen, Mikaela Calica, & Emma Pinili


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