Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bellini's in Marikina gets one more chance

Last Friday night, no we didn't dance on table tops nor we took too many shots. Lol. It's very unusual for Ralph and I to go out during Friday nights because he usually has work except for this particular Friday when he had his schedule adjusted for our Prenup Photoshoot the following day. For lack of better place to go (as in for some weird reason, we didn't know where to hang-out), we decided to go to Bellini's in Marikina. Yes, there's one along Shoe Avenue in Sto. NiƱo, Marikina City. It's easily spotted beside Savemore supermarket.
Obviously, the restaurant's interior and cozy ambiance is one of the reasons you'll go back.
Not to mention the continuous live piano performance in the background.
So this was what I got because I'm no red sauce baby. It came with 2 slices
of pizza which I transferred to Ralph's plate because I'm no pizza babe either.
Bellini's breadsticks which I interestingly super liked.
My fiance who in a couple of months will be ze husband la mienne
I never had the chance to try Bellini's in Cubao Expo. Being a One More Chance freak (if you remember that epic John Lloyd-Bea movie which lines I already memorized after watching it a gazillion times, Bellini's was the barkada's favorite hang-out place), it has been one of the items in my bucket list to try this restaurant but I just never got the chance to because it's not the most accessible place for me.

After having experienced their branch in Marikina, I decided I really should try the one in Cubao. I just didn't quite like what I had last weekend. First, the pasta tasted weird. Like it has been cooked yesterday and that they just microwaved it. It has an odd smell, too. I couldn't even consider the chocolate flavored milkshake OK at the very least. I could have made myself a Milo shake and get at least satisfied. Theirs was just too sweet and sweet. I tasted nothing but sugar. The pizza, I won't judge 'cause I'm not in the best position to say anything about something which I'm not particularly fond of in general.

Don't get me wrong, I love Italian cuisine. I'm a very huge fan of pasta, hence my obsession with Cafe Lidia. I just thought that it wasn't the best night for the cooks? Or maybe I was too tired and my taste buds have already shut down? See how I'm trying to give them the benefit of the doubt? Haha. It's because I still dream of having an amazing dining experience in this rather pop restaurant which they say serves the best authentic Italian cuisine in town.

The verdict? I'm giving Bellini's one more chance. ♥


  1. read your post about marikina sports park, madalas ka sa marikina? :)

    1. Hi Claire, fiance is from Marikina so it's like my second city of residence. :) Why?

    2. wala lang, kala ko taga Marikina ka :)

  2. didn't know there's Bellini's in Marikina.. I've always wanted to visit the one in Cuabo.. hopefully food is way better there.. :)

  3. Hmm.. the ambiance is nice. I wanna try the food too! :)


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