Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My kind of diet

Due to that there are so many things to do in such a little time, I am unable to go sweat some tummy fats lately. I think it's been two weeks since I last went out for a jog.

To compensate for the lost chances to burn, I tried another technique to lose some. I was never the diet person. I know nothing about those different types with different names. All I'm very familiar with (and i'm not even sure if nutritionists consider it as a type of diet, how do you categorize an eating habit as diet anyway?) is the After-6 which basically means a person can eat all he likes as long as it's before 6pm. After 6pm, he should be in a complete abstinence to any solid intake until the next morning.

Personally, that won't work for me because I have a gastric condition which I have to be very mindful about. My stomach can't be empty for a long time or I'll start vomiting and then die. Kidding. I'll faint first, then struggle for a couple of hours before dying. Srsly.

OK seriously serious now fellas. I present to you my not so unique nor interesting diet. The fruits-for-dinner diet!


This was my dinner last night.
 A bowl of sliced apple and watermelon.
I realized having fruits only for dinner has other perks on top of getting relatively lower calorie intake. First, I don't feel bloated. Second, I don't feel guilty. Third, it also helps me wake up in the morning. Why? Because it's so light hence I tend to feel hungry in the morning even when the reality is that I still have a significant amount of glucose in my system from last night. Lastly, you don't seem like dieting at all! :D

I'm an eater. As in I get hungry every other minute so I have to have something to munch on everytime to line my stomach and stop the acid from going gaga when it's empty. Sadly, I can't eat all kinds of fruits because I also have to avoid the acidic ones. Mostly the sour ones like my favorite mangoes (both green and yellow), strawberries, oranges and ponkans, among others. But I'm just glad there's apple to comfort me, banana to cheer me up (yes friends, I eat banana now!), watermelon to make me feel special, and avocado to encourage me. These are the frequent ones that I devour on. Lol. I hope someday I learn to love veggies too. I eat veggies, but only the select ones like those found in the typical house salads of fast-food and nearby restaurants.

Baby steps fellas, baby steps.


  1. I have tried the after 6 diet, it really works. I am also trying fruits at night as my doctor adviced me to lose a few pounds. You can also try singkamas and cucumber. My mom introduced me also to kamote, i don't eat rice anymore. :)

    1. Oh I can't totally get rid of rice or I'll be grumpy 24/7 haha. But thanks for the suggestion, I'll ask Ma to stock some singkamas in the fridge, too. As for cucumber, gotta learn how to eat that first :P

  2. In the morning drink 1 glass of water (that the first thing first)and after 5 to 10 mins drink water with honey/maple or sap syrup combined with limon or lime or calamansi...(it also helps the liver to regenerate and energy booster din sya) after two hours eat light food (specialy with diff.kinds of nuts or cereals)or fruity or greeny smoothie (thats the middle of bfast and lunch) and at lunch you can eat rice but maximum whole or half fist of your hand and thats it...peanut butter in banana or apple can help lessen your fat..specially avocado, red fruits also helps. Dinner, eat chicken meat or pavo meat... or veggies with cheese..okay yun!! then sabayan mo ng 15 to 30mins work out when you have time everyday at home..perfect! im doing it ryt now... i feel light but need more abs and arms exercise...to tone and firm


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