Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Photos Gone Wrong?

So I was managing the files on my phone last night when I came across our Camayan pre-valentine get-away photos which reminded me of how poor financially surviving yet very happy Ralph and I are as a couple. I mean, of course this is under the context of us saving all that we currently have for the wedding. Which also means no budget for weekly movies for now, no fancy dinners, and no unnecessary loitering in Tom's World. 

On top of these restrictions, we are also not allowed to save up for our little not-even-considered-extravagant gadgets. I was never the techie one so I don't have problems with that. I'm good with my little Compaq notebook and android phone. See? No iPad (big or small or do you call that mini?), no iPhone, no DSLR. Ralph, on the other hand, used to have a camera (I think a Sony cybershot if memory serves me well) and a PSP. Both of which are gone to the bin now. Well, the camera was lost to negligence which literally sent him home from the office due to high blood pressure. I remember how terrible that event was that I had to rush to his house thinking I might find him dead if I come later. Lol. The PSP was just broken beyond repair. Another case of negligence.
See, these are little things we used to have fun using. Funny how we can't even worry anymore that we don't have money to replace them. Hey we are getting married, who cares about cameras and play stations? Who has time to worry about not having those toys? 

Haha, anyway, before I get farther from the reason why I'm posting this entry, below are the photos which I found really funny last night.

This one looks fine. The problem isn't obvious yet.
Here it's more apparent that I wasn't able to run back fast enough to strike a pose after
setting the camera. Either you see this as an epic fail timer shot or a nicely timed candid shot.  
And what's worse when using your phone and its timer for a beach shot?
Sometimes the towel  where you positioned the phone shows and you get
the sand as the subject of the photo instead of yourselves. Hehe
Ralph and I were talking the other day about the household stuff we'll prioritize to buy within the first year of marriage. I suggested a laptop and he said PS3 (yes because fridge, washing machine, or dresser are mere wants, not need). Obviously, we should include a decent camera, too. :)) I'm sure our father who owns everything in this world will be able to provide.


  1. The second photo is actually great. :)

    1. Hi Nathalie! Oh is it? Thank you. I guess that's one vote for nicely timed candid :)

  2. I like the first one, but the second one really is nicely timed candid shot.

    1. Thanks :) guess that's 2 pts already. I'm really glad it turned out not so bad.

  3. It's funny how when we're young, the thoughts about expenses that come with marriage and having a family don't really cross our minds, and then boom! Suddenly, it's all about prioritizing. Kudos to you! :)

    1. Heya Kaan! So true. If we knew it would be this costly, we should've saved earlier than 5 months before the big day. Lol
      Thanks anyway! :)


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