Friday, April 26, 2013

"Amalayer" girl has made the 180-degree turn

This video reminded me of how amazing God's grace and mercy is. I mean, yes I know it in my heart and my mind that God can do amazing things in our life. But it's really different seeing it happen even on other people's life. Like its realness increase immensely as we hear more testimonies like this.

I was once living a sinful life, too. I might not have had drugs or killed someone in the past, but I'm no angel either. I lied, I judged people, I cursed, I committed debauchery, and a lot more sins I'd rather not enumerate here (haha baka maloka kayo). My point is, my past is no different than hers. The only difference is that someone made a remembrance of that big snap moment of her in the LRT. She got caught. I didn't. But in the eyes of the Lord, we're no different. No wonder I myself broke down and cried like a lost child in the mall during my very own altar call back in 2006.

This is such a great love story to ponder. Congratulations to Paula for finally accepting Christ as the Lord and Savior of her life. Every time I look back on the time I made the same decision almost 7 years ago, I can't help but smile. Indeed, it was the best decision I made ever.

Happy weekend, folks! God bless us all. :)


  1. There are times talaga na we need to encounter a big struggle in order for us to realize things and find our way to God. And, Paula's story just inspired me to build an even stronger relationship with Him.

    Anyway, thank you sis for sharing this. It's very timely too for me.

    1. Because God moves in mysterious ways. hehe
      You're welcome sis :)

  2. Everyone deserves second chances, our God is a merciful God!


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