Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mini Summer Get-away and Grill Sesh at the East

One of the downsides of having a summer wedding is that the prep restricts you from joining the usual almost-every-weekend getaways for the whole of April and May. I remember I used to hit the beach/pool for at least 4 times during summer and I believe even that number is considered below average for most people who really go crazy during this season.

This year, my first of summer was spent in a pool easily hidden in the beautiful paradise of Sun Valley Estates in Antipolo. This was during the April 9 holiday which I spent with friends. Remember how our day started at Molave Tapsi? This was the continuation:

We spent the late afternoon at Sun Valley which was a good 30-minute ride from Duchess's place (she was our host for the day). We initially planned to just take a swim in the village clubhouse but decided against it because it turned out to be brimming with people that day. Apparently, we're not the only ones who thought of spending the holiday in the pool.
(photo © SiNikita) If this is Plan B, not bad for us Filinvest Antipolo kick-outs right?
The pool was only open til 5pm though we were allowed to stay til a little shy of 6pm. By the time it's dusk, we're back at Duchess's house. Then started the grilling sesh, which by the way ate almost 2hrs of our evening.
We thought we'll be eating hotdogs alone, ended up with liempo, ribs, and buttered shrimps.
Obviously a meaty dinner. 
Oh, and the DIY chronicle continues behind the scene. Fine motor skills were stretched once more.
Dinner was served at a little past 8 if I'm not mistaken.
All in all, it was a yet another mad "spring-breaker" session with the girls. I'm so glad I got these people to agree to having just a mini get-away nearby instead of a relatively costly road trip in Bataan or Tagaytay. They were really rooting for those from the start. Great friends are, well, great!

I hope you're having a fantastic summer so far. ♥

P.S. Yes, I wear swim cap every single swim time. Don't ask.


  1. I hope i would still get to have a summer getaway before summer ends. Congratulations btw :P

    Followed you via GFC, hope you follow me back :)


    1. Hi Samantha! I like your name btw. Lol Thanks! :)
      Followed you back! Will explore your site soon. xoxo


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