Thursday, April 04, 2013

L.A. Coffee: The Verdict

This is a follow-up to my L.A. Coffee post. Yesterday, I was finally able to finish a pack. No, I didn't finish a pack in one drinking. I was too afraid of tummy pain to do that. I took the first half-cup the other day using only half of the pack, obviously. So if the SRP on the pack is accurate, technically, my coffee the other day was only worth 3 friggin pesos! So cute!

I observed how it felt drinking coffee again after a long while. And guess what? It's Low Acid for reals! But the skeptic in me didn't believe it right away. I had to try the other half and see if it still won't trigger any acidity in the stomach. And so I did yesterday. Guess what?! It did not! However, I felt that I really drank something diuretic. You know that feeling when after drinking something, you feel like pee-ing the entire day? That's what diuretic drinks do. They are good in a sense that they somehow force you to cleanse your system if you're someone like me who doesn't drink water regularly even if it's the only thing you're allowed to drink. Downside though is that if you get too much of them and you're acidic like me, it could either lead to hyper-acidity attack or LBM. You decide which is worse.

Now, I won't push my blessing so much at this point. Not because this coffee worked for me now I can already panic-drink. I won't even go back to drinking everyday. And I promise that when I drink, I'll drink only half a serving :) Thank God I'm wiser now. Like any other good stuff, I recommend this coffee to those with the same condition as mine BUT with moderation. As the warning goes: RESPONSIBLE DRINKING IS RECOMMENDED. :)

P.S. I noticed I haven't really said anything about the taste of this particular coffee. Suh-rry. Was too busy obsessing with my APD. Anyway, it tastes like Kopiko. Not as strong as the brown one I used to have in college but neither is it too sweet which for me is good enough.


  1. Hmmm... Not as strong as the Brown coffee? Might be a bit weak for my taste then since I still add coffee to the 3-in-1 when I could for added punch. But will still try if I find a pack or sachet somewhere. Adik lang. Haha.

    1. Yes dear. It's actually a little bland for my taste but I then I just got back to coffee-ing so yeah maybe I'll complain later. haha

  2. Have just encountered your page and I guess you should be complimented for this piece. More power to you!


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