Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Budget Baon: Buttered Suaje

or suahe. Remember the one-day cooking technique that I usually do? Poor Venus lacked the time to take care of it the past weekend so she had to cook them breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily this week.

It was my first to partner with this seafood in the kitchen. I was thrilled because aside from its novelty to our list of monthly rotating viands, this almost-as-good-as-sugpo food is also one of our household's favorites. For those who are not familiar with this particular creature, suaje is another type of shrimp along with alamang (krill) & sugpo (prawns). 

This dish didn't take me more than 15 minutes to prep. Above you'll see 8 pieces of medium sized suaje (pink shrimp / greasy back shrimp) taken from the freezer. This cost the hubby only 79Php. We decided to have last night's leftover for today's breakfast and just pack this buttered babies for lunch.

Aside from the shrimps, the only other ingredients are a tablespoon of butter and small green chili pepper chopped.

I basically sauteed the suaje in the butter through a really low heat for about 7-10 minutes.

You'll know they are cooked when you see the skin turn orange and the side part (where the legs were removed) turn white.

Before turning off the stove, I mixed the green pepper. Another minute of simmer and voila! We now have Buttered Suaje in roughly 10 minutes. The first attempt was a success!

I wasn't able to take any more photos of the plating as there was none. They went straight to our lunch box.

How about you? Any cooking discovery recently?


  1. buttered shrimps are <3! it's a staple favorite here at home. even since we learned how market for cheaper stuff, there's been an abundance of seafood in the house. yummy, yummy! i'm sure you had a great lunch with that baon of yours.

  2. I miss buttered shrimps... That is really an all time favorite dish,ever.!

  3. shrimps definitely my fave!, samin lang is that we have it halabos and nakahiwalay yung butter sauce :)
    very masarap yung baon mo considering it's on a budget :)


  4. Wow! That's yummy for an office baon. I usually just bring adobo at the office. :-)

  5. I love seafood so suaje is a hit for me. Kanin please! Btw sis, also try this with gulay tapos gataan. Yung ang pinakamasarap. Yayyy!!

  6. I haven't tried preparing any seafood dish and this one is pretty easy! thanks for sharing sis :)


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