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Kanto Freestyle Breakfast = LOVE

kanto freestyle breakfastAt long last, the goal to sample this intriguing "restaurant" has been fulfilled as the Springbreakers braved the interior of Mandaluyong City in a busy midweek evening. 

Kanto is known for serving delish-fine-dine-restaurant-level gourmet food with price and ambiance of a carinderia (streetside eatery). I learned that this is not all true though upon checking out the menu. Carinderia meals normally range from 30Php (Rice and vegetable dish) to 60Php (Rice and meat & veggie combo). I should know 'cause when in urgent need of food and no time to cook, I prefer them over fastfood.

kanto freestyle breakfast

kanto freestyle breakfast
On the other hand, Kanto's dishes are at 90Php. I agree it's relatively cheaper than what those fancy restaurants offer considering that the quality of what they serve is comparable to the latter. If you look closely though, 90Php is still double the normal carinderia dish's price. Just saying. OK enough skepticism Venus, let's review what transpired during this food trip.

Aside from rice dishes, Kanto is also known for its pancakes and sandwiches that we don't normally find in the nearby cafe. There's Fluffy Pancake Topped With Oreo Cookie Butter for 90PhpThis was too buttery for the gang's liking but not for me. I thought it was good though it might be too sweet. But hey, who doesn't love sweets?

kanto freestyle breakfast

Duchess got her Fluffy Pancake Topped With Goya & Chocnut Ganache for 80Php. This one they liked more. I guess it's because it didn't feel like eating live fats. Haha. That's what I felt when I sampled the first one.

Nicky ordered Mixed Berry Berry Pancakes for 90Php. She finished it in no time so I can say she liked it.

Another best-seller is their Eggs Benedict at 90Php. Almost half of the group ordered this. Notice in the picture below that it comes with camote wedges. Yes, for a change, those are sweet potatoes, not your regular potato siding. I didn't get to taste much of it but they loved it so I guess it's worthy of its bestseller title.

kanto freestyle breakfast

kanto freestyle breakfast

When I saw this Tuyo Flakes and Keso Puti (60Php) land on our table, I felt sorry for myself for getting full early. I love tuyo! Then I realized it's almost of the same price as what I ordered for the night! What a pricey pair of tuyo served without rice! How much is kesong puti nowadays? Haha. Anyway, it was so good. The amount of pesto they mixed during the plating blended well with the rest of the elements. I might actually get this for myself next time.

kanto freestyle breakfast

I was impressed by this plate of Bacon and Eggs at 90Php. Some bacons, those are! See how they're a complete layer of lean meat? Three strips of solid lean meat served chewy not crispy. I mean who calls that a bacon? Haha. I think more than the price, it's the presentation and the novelty of their dishes that make this food house pop. Like, there's excitement in every plate, something to surprise the customer.

kanto freestyle breakfastAnyway, so this was what I had for the night -- Honey Garlic Chicken for 90Php. Being that I ate the entire thing (except for a few pinch left and right, thanks to my dinner-mates), finally, I can give you guys some comprehensive feedback. First, I love love love the chicken. Crispy but tender so it didn't hurt my fragile mouth (braces, baby). When they say honey garlic, trust me folks, they mean honey garlic. Super 5 stars for that! OK I don't eat tomatoes because they're acidic so those jumped from my plate to the hubby's. Last but definitely not the least, see that dressing/sauce on the side? It was divine. I initially thought it was just 2 tablespoons of beautified fats aka mayonnaise but NO. Listen here. It's pesto! I don't exactly know what it's composed of as in the menu it basically says pesto but trust me, the mixture was perfect that I totally forgot it's fats wearing a mask. I might have tasted a little hint of onion, I really don't know. I just love how the spices of the dressing and that of the chicken dueled in my mouth.

kanto freestyle breakfastThe husband ordered Crispy Pork Belly for 90Php. Let me set the context here. So we were 7 in the group and we ate from one another's plates. We thought it's a must to try what everyone has ordered. Guess what? This particular dish was gone fast. My husband did not cooperate with the silent rule. Is that a good sign? His excuse was that we were so busy going crazy about the tuyo and the other pancakes that we totally didn't hear him offer his food. Whatever, right? (Haha love you babe) He said it was good though, tender and tasty. Then again, it's one of the 3 bestseller rice meals (including my honey garlic love). The other third is the Batangas Beef Tapa (90Php) which we didn't order anymore as our most recent food trip was also in a superb tapa house -- Molave Tapsi.

kanto freestyle breakfast

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast boasts of not only good food, but also quality plating in prices that won't leave a dent on your wallet. Do not expect to experience cozy ambiance nor nice interiors though as in this particular aspect, Kanto won't give you much any. They have 2 areas where customers can dine -- streetside as shown on the topmost photo and inside as shown above. They call the latter the "extension" which is a good 2 houses away from the main "carinderia". If you will bring a car, expect to park along the stretch of this residential street. Gates with "please don't block the driveway" would be the only landmine. Customer service-wise, I'll give them just an OK. Not really excellent but not so bad either. However, if you're ordering a rice meal, expect your order to arrive in 30 minutes or even later. Considering they are labeled as fastfood in Munchpunch, I think that's a little long of a wait. Oh well.

I'm definitely coming back here. In fact, I have already set another foodtrip in Kanto, with the office friends this time. Show them some love, too!

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast
San Joaquin StPlainview, Mandaluyong(02) 400-2268

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  1. Wow! This is definitely worth trying. i'll visit then by November. I'm from down South.

  2. Plainview? Wait, saan nga ba banda yan? Haha. Kaloka sis. Sa Shaw ako nakatira but I dunno how to go to Plainview. I wanna try it. Mukhang mura at masarap!! Google google muna nga!! :D

    1. Nakooo buti ka pa nga within the area lang! The street intersects with Boni Ave so hindi mahirap hanapin :) Go try mo na!

  3. I'd like to try the tuyo with the white cheese!

  4. i am sooo going here!!! super affordable and and sosyal naman ng plating hehe :)


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