Monday, July 15, 2013

Eat & Go: A way to go!

As mentioned in the previous post, July 12 was a milestone for my hair. It's a great thing that the night didn't end at that as the hubby and I had dinner at Eat & Go, SM Megamall Atrium subsequently.

We don't usually eat out especially now that we are still recovering from the financial damage the wedding has made. So for this particular night, we opted to just have dinner at an Asian/European casual dining restaurant.

For starters we ordered Seafood Salad. This, I should say, was the best we got that night. I could have eaten another plate!

My main entree was Chicken Saltimbocca which, in layman's term, is Chicken Cordon Bleu. Haha. Please correct me if I'm wrong. It very much looks like it, right? I also got Spaghetti Carbonara which was a little bland to my taste. On the side, Baked Bean which was more like the canned Pork & Beans, was served hot just the way I like it.

The husband got himself a humongous Roasted Chicken served with Roasted Pepper Rice and Corn & Carrots as sidings. Our drinks, Lemonade & Iced Tea, were both unlimited so we didn't have any space left for dessert. Boo!

We spent a total of 400Php. Way to eat & go thrifters! ♥


  1. I just have to read a food-related post just when I am feeling hungry. *sigh*

    1. Your comment = story of my life. Haha!

  2. wow! it looks delish for its price! Galing! ;-)


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