Monday, July 15, 2013

David's Salon at 50% OFF = still overrated

My eventful weekend started off at David Salon Ruby Road in Ortigas Center. It was a spontaneous engagement that the Duchess and I agreed to do to wrap up our work-week. We booked for a haircut at 5pm. Over lunch of that Friday, we were just talking about how unhappy we were of our hair anymore. How serendipitous that it was David Charlton's birthday (July 12) and so David's Salon nationwide was on 50% off on all hair services. Thank God!

The last time I went to a salon for a haircut was in 2001. Yes, I'm not kidding. Since then, I learned to DIY-trim and layer my hair. The last time I did it was a week before my wedding which was two months ago. Actually, I also DIY my hair color but let's save that for another entry.
So obviously, I needed more than a haircut to revive my locks.

The reason behind DIY-ing my own haircut is my naturally wavy hair that is so low maintenance. I don't own a comb (which is why I think I'm the best person to become the ambassador of the No-Comb Revolution hehe!) and even if I trim the tips, no one would notice if I inadvertently miscut a portion.

It's apparent how the salon brims with people

Uhm, Duch? What are you doing?

I wish I can blow dry and set  my hair everyday. Not like the one on the pictures though because I'd rather big waves and disorderly curls any day. We might look happy in the photos but in reality, to our disappointment, the stylist didn't spend much time to study which parts of our hair needed pruning. After the first blow dry, I had to ask her to cut another inch from the tips seeing that the longest ones remained untouched. I'd say at 50% off, the service was still overrated.

Fast forward to the Eat & Go dinner with the hubby here.

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  1. This is so true, i find them overrated. a good haircut really depends on the hair stylist.


  2. My first time here. Do you have a post here of a tutorial of how you cut your layers? that would save me a lot, I'm growing my hair out and I don't want to spend that much just to have my hair trimmed a little.

    1. Hi Rae, welcome to my blog! Thank you for giving me the idea. I don't have a tutorial post on DIY hair trimming yet but I could come up with one. Let's give it a couple of months and I shall document the trimming of my layers :) I think that's a better way to show how as I'm not good in just giving verbal description and instructions :)

  3. Ohh.. that's not good. Anyway, I used to go to David Salon at Robinson's Forum. I had a suki stylist there so I didn't encounter any problem. Minsan kasi, they tend to be careless esp. kung hindi ka talaga regular sa kanila. IMO lang sis huh.


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