Monday, August 19, 2013

How to rock a housewarming

It was a yet another fantastic Springbreaker kind of night last Friday. Ralph and I prepared some sort of "house-warming" and the guys willingly obliged. Here is sharing to you what I cooked.

what to do during housewarming, housewarming

Broiled Chicken Inasal. Does that name even make sense? OK I didn't cook this one. I asked for Ma's help to broil me this whole chicken and the guys loved it. It's marinated in Clara Ole Inasal flavored marinade and was stuffed with lemongrass. Beside is Lechon Liempo brought by Owel & Claro. Thank you, gentlemen.

charlie chan pasta recipe, asian noodles recipe

Now now. This one I'm very proud of. It was my first attempt to copy Yellowcab's Charlie Chan pasta and it was a success. Initially, it needed a bit of tweaking as it wasn't as salty and spicy. Thanks to Duchess who re-cooked this by adding more oyster sauce, salt, and chili powder while I busied  myself with the other pasta. It ended tastier and more Asian-y.

what to do during housewarming, housewarming, spicy tuna mushroom pasta,

This is the other pasta which I love cooking in almost all types of occasion. Spicy Tuna & Mushroom pasta has been my safe haven when going Italian. You can't go wrong with it. Although this one wasn't the crowd favorite that night, thanks to the rookie Charlie.

After dinner, we spontaneously watched The Conjuring. It wasn't my first to see it yet I still contributed an amount of screams enough to awaken the neighboring apartment dwellers. It was before midnight when we finished the movie and for lack of better things to do, we entertained ourselves by creating these crazy videos. Excuse my already oily hair. And the brows, please don't look for them. They really almost automatically walk out on me after dinner time. #storyofmybrowlesslife

We called it a night at a little past 2 in the morning. And this is the final video. Notice how I tried to retouch my brows went back to life. Haha!

The weather is in rage again outside. As I write this, the whole of Metro Manila along with the nearby cities and provinces is already on Red Rainfall Alert due to the Southwest Monsoon and tropical storm Maring. Keep safe and dry, Philippines!

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  1. Oh man. Those pictures just made my stomach gurgle. Hahaha!


  2. haahaha.. So fun! Now, I really miss my friends.T_T.
    and OMG, You made me hungry with the Inasal..

  3. Ooh, would love to know your recipe for the Spicy Tuna & Mushroom Pasta! :D

  4. my attention automatically zeroed in on the inasal. i'm such a fan of chicken. haha! i've been hearing so many feedbacks about the conjuring but i don't think i'm brave enough to watch it yet either with friends or on my own.

  5. hungry for chicken! looks like you had a really good time with good friends! :)


  6. Damn, everything looks yummy!!! :)


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