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Woman Of Worth: Manuela Basilio

Like mentioned in the previous post, I have been working on something special. Today I'm launching my first-ever blog segment . This is an awesome idea I have been pondering on for quite a while now and finally, we'll be seeing it unfold before our very eyes! 

Drum roll please..




and presenting..

Woman of Worth (or WOW as I'll be putting more frequently here) will be a once in a while entry that will feature women and their stories that are worth sharing. Let's just say that this is my way of celebrating us, girls. Wouldn't you just love to hear other women's trials and breakthroughs and stories of success? Moreover, as the segment title suggests, this aims to focus more on our worth as women. I just thought that it's too relevant to talk about this with all the selling out and twerking continuously conquering our society like a plague. And no, I'm not even gonna say that nothing's wrong with those. *wink wink*

So, without further ado, we're jump-starting this portion with no less than our very own Pinay supermodel.

Manuela Basilio, Pinay supermodel, models in the philippines, New York Fasion Week, MJ Suayan
Credits: MJ Suayan

Manuela Basilio, born Manuela Marie Basilio and "Em" to her friends, is a 5"10 tall Sorsogon-born Filipina model currently based in The Big Apple. She is a former high-school school-mate, a couple of batches younger. Though she was a member of the official school paper where I was an officer, I didn't get the chance to really know her personally until this interview. What fascinates me the most about this young lady is her candidness and modesty. I can still vividly remember how back in the day when SPF and selfie weren't so famous yet, she already has all eyes on her -- in the corridor, canteen, and school grounds. And no, it's not because of her extraordinary beauty but because of her insane height. Let's face it, in high school, you don't exactly call an almost 6-footer and really skinny morena girl beautiful. Let's see how she braved and succeeded over our society's most often distorted standard of beauty. Let's take a look at what transpired during the interview, shall we?

Manuela Basilio, Pinay supermodel, models in the philippines, New York Fasion Week, BJ Pascual, Patrick Galang
Credits: Photo by BJ Pascual || Styled by Patrick Galang

1. Can you tell me a little about how your modelling career started?
It all started when Mash, one of the department head in my previous work (call center), approached me and asked me if I'd like to join a fashion show for a cause that he was organizing and I did. John Ablaza, the designer, liked me. Afterwards, Mash introduced me to Yeoh who was a model agent and that's when I started modeling on the side. As I was starting, it was the season when Danica Magpantay won the Ford Supermodel of the World, and I said gusto ko rin i-try yun (I'd like to try that, too). So I joined the local competition for Ford and won as a runner up. Then kinuha ako ng (I was recruited by) Cal Carrie's International. Everything happened in a span of 6 months. After the Ford supermodel competition, dun talaga ako nag-start (that's when I actually started) as a professional model.
2. What would you consider as your biggest break in this industry so far?
Hmm. Biggest break? I consider Ford SMOW as my biggest break yet. Yes I did a lot of big shows locally but my exposure in Ford opened up to so many opportunities. And may mga jobs na rin akong nakukuha dito sa New York pero di pa dumarating yung talagang (I've also been receiving jobs here in New York but I have yet to get that one big) "break" that will launch my career here. Coming soon yan! Abangan! (Watch out for it!) Ha ha. 
3. How do you keep your feet on the ground with all the prestige and glam and fame?
Cause I have no reason para magmalaki (to boast), that's one. The things that I have now didn't come from me. My beauty and skills are gifts from Him. Also, the people I love -- my family and my closest friends --they consistently remind me of who I was and who I am now. Yes, I embrace the prestige; it's very inspiring and motivating but I don't feel famous in what I do. That's one thing that I love with modeling-- its different from showbiz.
4. If you didn't end up to be a supermodel, what will be your occupation?
Ha! I might be a nurse. That's what I took in college, or I might be a chemical engineer!

Manuela Basilio, Pinay supermodel, models in the philippines, New York Fasion Week, vfiles models
VFiles Show - New York Fashion Week || Credits:

5. Name 3 beauty must-haves.
Bb cream. Red lipstick. Mascara.

6. How does your regular non-busy day look like?
It will most probably be a day in the park reading books, walking, biking or meditating. Or sometimes a movie day either at home or at the cinema. Or just hanging out with friends.
7. Mention one thing most people don't know about you?
I cant swallow a pill. Don't laugh!
8. What's the most important lesson you have learned with all the people you've worked with and all the places you've been to as a model?
The one that brought me to where I am -- FAITH. Believe in God, believe in yourself, believe in dreams. Cheesy! Lol

She's definitely a WOW, right? Such a wonderful character. Manuela might only be starting now but with her contagious optimism, wits, and big heart, it's no wonder if her career actually sky-rocket in the US real soon. Move over, Gisele Bundchen! Haha yup, I just said that. Fearless, right? That's faith talking. :)

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    1. Thanks, sis! Happy weekend to you and the lovely girls! :D

  3. oooh! what a nice interview! hehe! celebrity-slash-model-brother'sfriend-slash-highschool-schoolmate-slash-PROUD! ^_^

  4. you were freakin editor-in-chief!! :P

  5. Eek this is a good piece of article. Horray to shouting out on articles that makes us proud women.


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