Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Blogapalooza 2013

*Disclaimer: Photos grabbed from The Home-based Diva (Thanks, Mimi!)

Last Saturday was so out of my ordinary and I loved it. Don't we just need a break from routines every so often? Instead of the usual pancakes-laundry-lunch-siesta weekend, the morning was spent administering the Ateneo Law School Admission Test in Ateneo Rockwell along with a friend from college who gave me the said opportunity (Thanks, Faith!). I'm talking about waking up 6:00 on a weekend morning. I know, heroic, right? It was a pretty tight day as after finishing my duty there (around a little past 12nn), I left and headed home to catch the hubby who had to go to work in the afternoon. We commuted to Taguig together (he works in McKinley like mentioned here) and parted ways in Market Market as I went to my next appointment -- SM Aura.

Now now. This was when things got so interesting. It was my first blogging event to attend not to mention that that was the first time I set foot on the newest mall in town. Plus! I got to finally meet my online friends (from Girltalk - blogging threads) whom I have been in speaking writing terms with since last year methinks.

blogapalooza 2013, SMX convention, when in manila, SM Aura, Sally Mae, the budget fashion seeker, mental snapshots

L-R: That's Sally (The Budget Fashion Seeker), yours truly, Christine (Jocris World), and Nathalie (Mental Snapshots). Behind the camera is Mimi (The Home-based Diva).

blogapalooza 2013, SMX convention, when in manila

If you haven't read from the other blogs yet, the venue (SMX Convention) was brimming with people -- sponsors, bloggers, and speakers, alike. It was a bit challenging to visit one booth after another. As seen below, Plato Wraps and Gavino's were some of the sponsors.

blogapalooza 2013, plato wraps, plato wraps review
blogapalooza 2013, gavino's donuts

blogapalooza 2013, bys cosmetics

This is the booth of BYS --  an Australian cosmetics brand I'm not very familiar of. I got a bottle of nail polish from them which I'm so excited to try.

After making sure that we have left our names and contact information in all the booths, we went out of the convention and headed to the nearest coffee shop for a couple more hours of chit-chat. I must say that more than getting freebies from the generous sponsors of Blogapalooza, chatting with these ladies got the favorite-part-of-the-day award. Seriously. It was sooo good finally meeting them in person and knowing them in a whole different level. Like I posted on FB that night, it was rather liberating. It's like travelling to a place you haven't been to before. Not sure if they felt the same but with everything fast and slow that's been going on with my life right now, talking and just laughing with someone outside the normal bubble could just be the breath of fresh air I didn't know I needed. I was just blessed with their stories.

Overall, it was an exhausting day. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Again, I bring back all the glory to God. For bringing me to places I didn't know I wanted to be, for giving me tasks I didn't know I wanted to do, and for never stopping in surrounding me with encouraging people.

How about you? How was your weekend? Were you in Blogapalooza too? Anything out of ordinary that you've done lately? I'd love to hear from you so hit the box below. :)

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  1. It was really nice meeting you all there. Too bad I had to go home early, would have loved to chat up more if time had permit. Hopefully next event sama-sama ulit tayo. ^_^

    1. true! hope there's another event we could attend together :)

  2. It was really pleasure to meet you Ladies,yeah,, next event sama sama tayo ulit, para happy ^^ I really had fun chit chatting with you ^_^

  3. ^same here, i'm so blessed to have met new friends! just e-mail me for anything anytime. This dinosaur can still rock you know, teehee!

  4. I would love to try joining this kind of event. I think it's a blast!

  5. oh wow, this is what i miss for not living in manila. i wanna meet fellow bloggers too and blogger events are very rare here. buti naman nagkita-kita kayo. i'm sure you had a blast that day.

    1. we did! too bad you couldn't join these things here. but who knows? Manila is just an hour away from Cebu.. yun nga lang by plane. haha!

  6. Looks like so much fun! Inggit din ako. ;(
    Its nice to discover great blogs like this one. Following you now sis.:)

    1. Don't be! Sama ka nalang next time :) For sure may susunod pa.

      Thank you! Followed you back :)


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