Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New year, new season

new year's eve, authentic carbonara

While Christmas was spent in Baguio with hubby's family, the New Year's eve was spent with my folks in the house where I have been spending it ever since I can remember. We prepared a lot of things for media noche but I realized I wasn't able to photograph all. The spotlight though should be given to my first ever Authentic Pasta Carbonara. I should be able to share a recipe here next time. Bummer, I failed to capture my first attempt (which was successful, btw) of making leche flan, too!

Anyway, the early parts of the night were spent mostly in the kitchen. Then we eventually watched the street party outside. Finally I ended the year looking at the sky and watching the fireworks with the 3 most important people in my life. Those moments were one for the books, really. Recalling the night never fails to put a smile on my face even today. Thank you God for giving me a wonderful family and thank you for giving all of us a blessing of good health.

How did you welcome 2014? I hope you had a blast too!

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