Monday, January 27, 2014

Woman of Worth: Angelyne Calica

For this particular WOW entry, I'm keeping it short, sweet, and simple. I'm featuring someone very close to my heart. Someone really dear to me.

angelyne calica

This is Angelyne. I call her Angge. We call each other "bez" (Yes, with the Z. Do you have problems with that? LOL) She is one of the most amazing women I know. Our friendship goes a long way back, like more than a decade. Yes, we fought the awkward years of puberty hand in hand and conquered the jologs era together. However, in those years, I might have failed to express how much I value her in my life. I am just so proud of what a person she has become through the years. She is the epitome of loyal, supportive, and loving. She listens without judgment but never tolerates what is wrong. For some reason, she is gifted with the ability to rebuke and correct without sounding offensive. Maybe it's her gentleness and sincerity. More importantly, she knows how to make me feel blessed with everything that I have. She supports me in everything. Boy, she's almost as supportive as my mom! Anyway, today is her birthday and so I'm devoting this little love spot for her.

My prayer is for her to be in a strong and steady relationship with God and for her to continuously thrive in her dreams to be a triathlete someday. Needless to say, she is truly a beautiful person inside and out -- a woman of worth!

Happy birthday beloved sister from another mother! Cheers to the many more decades of random tweets, spontaneous dinners, much needed swim sessions, and sneaky phone calls. I love you to bits! ♥

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  1. Happy birthday to your special girl bud! ^_^

    It really is a blessing to have long-time best friends. I have two and we go way back third grade. Cheers to best friends!


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