Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Typical Reality Check OR Serious Quarter-life Crisis?

I am 24, married, and with a stable job. I get about 6 hours of sleep every night. I'm still underweight despite efforts to eat more. I have a long overdue appointment with the dentist, derma, OB, and the cardio. That's how I am at the surface and that's not what I'm going to dwell on today. I just thought that's a cool intro. Now brace yourself for the serious body of this letter.

Lately, there has been a lot of reflection going on. Finding myself at daze is becoming frequent and along with it would be occasions of deep contemplation on where I am now in this God-given life. Am I making the most out of it? Am I on the right track? Am I happy? Do I look tired? Am I tired? Is this quarter-life crisis? I don't know. I might have used the term a couple of times before in a conversation with a friend yet I'm not even sure if such a concept exists. Remember how busy I was with all the wedding preps some months ago? And remember how I mentioned the reality that most brides lose their heads after the wedding because of sudden shift from SUPER BUSY to SUPER BORED when there is not a wedding to worry about anymore?

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That's where I am right now. I suddenly have a lot of time to think about my LIFE, in general. When people ask me how I am, I tell them with all smiles that I'm extremely happy. That's fact. Actually, I am so amazed by this marriage thing that I start to wonder why people are so afraid to jump into it. Don't get me wrong. Obviously, I'm not an expert to promote or even discuss this topic as I just got married weeks ago and I'm sure I have yet to experience the real deal in a married couple's life. I'm just saying, it's a really nice feeling being forever tied to the person you love and plan your future together. Isn't that legit happiness right there? *Smigh* I hope you can relate.

Anyway, going back to my quarter-life musings, I have been assessing myself on how I fare as a person now that I have recently faced the biggest transition in my life. How am I doing as a Christian? I'd like to think I'm doing fine. I have a discipleship group. I tithe. I attend the service regularly and I would love to go to a mission someday if God's willing. I just need a little polish in the area of quiet time and devotion as it has been quite inconsistent recently. Not that it's a valid excuse but domesticated duties just get in the way sometimes and before I know it, I'm either already off to REM-ing at night or prepping the husband's breakfast and packed lunch at dawn before bringing my own self to work. By God's grace, I'll be able to follow Joshua 1:8 with no miss in no time. Baby steps, Venus.

How am I as a wife? I'd confidently say I'm doing good. Naturally, there will be little arguments here and there due to clashing discovering mine and hubby's differences-- the way we do the dishes, how to press the toothpaste tube, etc. These are icing on the cake that make our everyday interesting. As far as I know, aside from the nights I accidentally dozed off without saying goodnight to the hubby, I believe I have unleashed the excellent potential wife in me. She is in existence, folks!

How am I as an HR Officer? Hmmm. Very difficult to answer. I would say the job pays the bills. That's one thing I'm very thankful about. However, I can also say I have a lot of other things in mind that I can do with the 8 hours I spend in the office daily. Simply put, this work is not play for me. It's, uh, work but not the work WORK type. If I'm confusing you, sorry but I don't plan to elaborate. Haha!

How am I as a daughter? I'm OK. I miss my parents from time to time having moved away from their house. I call them occasionally. In fact, we just had a dinner with them at the apartment last weekend. I'm in a texting convo with the mother on a daily basis and thank God I am able to provide for them the promised support. I guess that's more than doing OK. That's doing great for me.

How am I doing as a friend? Ask the girls. We have not exactly spent a lot of date nights and foodtrips recently and I'd like to think that's OK. They sure understand my new responsibilities now. Although I must admit, I miss the never ending chatter and the painful laughs. Don't worry, the Venus will be back with vengeance.

In a nutshell, I'm good. I'm happy where I am and I thank the heavenly Father for bringing me in such level of  bliss I don't deserve. He has been really faithful. In retrospect, I still can't imagine I'll be where I am right now. 10 years ago, these were all just inside my chimera box. Glory be to the amazing God who makes childish dreams come true! As for this enigmatic season of my life, I say this, too, shall pass.

Hope you lovelies are having a great week!


  1. In my opinion, (I hope you are okay with it) you ar e a perfectly normal happy newlywed girl in your honeymoon stage :)

    this is a long post, but worth reading! whew! :) happy afternoon!

    1. Why, thanks Claire! That's too sweet of you. Thank you for taking time. :) And yes, I'd like to think that this is perfectly normal.

  2. I remember myself on you during my first two years with hubby. I was still working and we didn't have a baby yet. That time, every afternoon na mauna akong umuwi sa bahay, I would look around, evaluate myself, look back a little bit and wonder what's in the future for me. Indeed, God is amazing in making dreams come true. Minsan nga sobra-sobra na din ang blessing na halos di mo na alam kung paano mo Sya pasasalamatan! :D

    1. So true. If there's one thing I learned about God in my 7 years of following Him, it's that He's really good at surprising us and faithful to His promises. He makes me look forward for more.

  3. Chill and read a book, preferably a Sidney Sheldon novel. ;p

    You have a pretty good life, considering. Just remember that you can't always be high on happiness or positivity. That would be beyond boring. Take advantage of kinda dull moments like this to take a deep breath and brace yourself, because usually something *exciting* would happen next. That's just how it goes with life, right?

    1. Wow, I needed that. Thanks dear. And yeah, I think I need to go back to one of my first loves -- reading. I missed going to places through books. I shall do that, thanks to your recommendations :)


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